Monday, January 21, 2002

rain today.

its a holiday!

when i lived in southern Illinois, i learned the Sadhanna of rain-on-holidays!!
i lived there three years, 27 three-day summer holidays in all: memorial day weekend...4th of july...labor day weekend.


---got to be, there, i would plan that on such a three day holiday weekend, i would make sure if the library would be open and the hours of the malls. kinda stupid to try to force an umbrella through the woods if i went outdoors in the national forest then!

then i learned that it is the same wherever i live. rain=holiday. the word for holiday *is* rain!
they found that by studying the new york city rain records, i read, that someone found that it rains on a normal two day weekend 30% more than during the nyc!

i do not complain: rain has its beuaty and as long as i amor myself with booties and umbrella, my holiday weekend is nice!

[yes the spelling is atrocious but between my huge fingers and my 5wpm...if i looked at typing correctly, i would never never get to write anything...]