Wednesday, January 02, 2002

A poster to a newsgroup replies to a Christian who puts down Harry Potter as being dangerious. They fear and dislike the occult.
the poster says, in reply to this christian poster, in part.......
> I have very nice pagan friends. And occult simply means "that which is hidden"

I her reply.

yes Hidden!

---and that is what the fundies fear the most, perhaps!

I remember what a friend told me about something that he read about in Salt lake City, when he lived there.

seems the paper had an article about how some man was walking down the sidewalk, normally, and he saw a woman sunbathing in shorts by her pool, over a short fence. suddenly, a witness said....that this man jerked like of a lightning-struck puppet, in one second, and leaped over this fence and raped her on the spot in another second!!

this is what the fundies fear....the complete overwhelming of the ego by the subcounscious mind: thus they NEED that external authority figure to keep them from "jerking" towards each and every "somthings"!

I know someone who actually has told me this, and he has told me this many times...
"the Government has to make more laws to keep woman dressed so that i am not tempted to be sexually obsessed: i know that i cannot keep myself from looking, so it is up to the Government to pass laws"!

they must have the center of self-power in someone ele's hands and not
their own....maybe that is why they fear the Mage, the sorceror, that this book represents! THEY would pass laws to disarm the monsters, rather than increase the Knowledge and the power, of the Sorceror!!

center of gravity on the outside.
thus all "occult" is to be rightly feared, in their world-view!

Since their religion serves this, by saying that "mankind is inheriently sinfull and evil, from the outset...people are attracted to the religion who do not have a good "self-love" of their own inner worth as a Incarnated soul! they feel that they are worthless and that they must be protected from *everything*!
of course!
if you do not feel that you are worth anything: then it is "up to them" to provide the safety-cup, around you.
thus, too, if you attack or criticize the religion, you criticize the person! takes it personally as he "identifies".

not just christianity either!!

I read a Sathya Sai baba "yahoo group" messeges....once. there, the several devotees were enjoying a flame war, with the very same attitudes; why one poster even threatened to harm, if he could find him, another writer!
Sai baba himself, i believe, on his nov 23rd birhtday messege, or maybe ealier, he warned everyone that the time has come to follow the inner baba, the "super/supra baba within", instead of worshipping his body form AS a form!
the outer vs the inner, again!
[perhaps this is why baba may want that sex scandal about him to be widely given out!! he wants people to hate his body!! then maybe they can Connect to the baba within, and then to let go of his outer form: as if that "baba heavenly land" that he keeps telling everyone about, where devotees will go to after they die, why there may not even be one picture of him there, let alone an Icon or Sai-building!
---just love beauty and every scene there!]

---same with these fundies who have all of their soul-eggs in the outer basket!