Wednesday, January 16, 2002

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well hello eveyone.


---seems that i get very very little time free, in my 2 hours of public library computer time, to read this list!
I have a site of my own to manage and that takes surprisingly a long time.
Tis a journal, a weblog journal on Blogspot, a journal that i keep about my life, with a link to another of my sites where some of my Dreamvisions are written up at, about 30 of them.

Oh, after over 100 dreams of going to the AFTERLIFE, my daytime life is somewhat different. I never mentioned that i had this site, when i posted, as this surely would change the subject matter that i reply to!

the afterlife. good grief, a Voyager calling that I unasked for....tis surely something when one talks, like i do, with all of the deceased relatives in two way conversations!!
"my life after near death experiences"

I can see, from my Visions, one thing that stands out REAL GOOD!
[and has me the more in alinement with the Setian path, as i grow the older!!]

In many of these expereices that i experience, in first person "I am there", i have noted how I, or any other spiritpeople there, have a Need for a certain talant: the need to be a free agent, to be able to take *the* active role, in their own heavenly growth, there!
when i visited, in one of many many visits, to the "appalachian mountain heaven home"...
[a spirit realm where many of the applachian people, or their outsider friends who move to there, live after death: my sister lived near Asheville, North Carolina...she has a house there too in that heaven. same with my father: i have a cabin there awaiting ME!]
so when i visited this place, one of the Guides, there, asked me to come with him as he talked of this place. he told me of a Seer who lived off in a valley, a valley that one had to find on his own, one had to actually SEE the narrow entrance, himself: no one could show it to him...he had to Inituate the finding. This guide then invited me to come see this seer---IF i could find the entrance!
I hunted the woods. soon, i saw a narrow crack of a path that led between a cabin path that led to a cabin: that seer!

yes, a very small example, but most of the experiences of this realm are like of that: one must be awake and aware and "self-starting/actualizing", after death, or else one goes nowheres!
In fact, i was shown where these people end up!
they just sit by the entrance gate, all depressed and dark and grey, there is a community of these souls, near the earth-entrancegate, where even the guides cannot reach them as they have closed themselves off from any guide-influence as they WOULD say to some questioner..."but my depression and Pain *IS* real, here let me tell you about it so that you know too that this pain is *the* real reality, and come join me here in the truth that is"!!.

I see all all too many of these people here on earth today!
before death.
many are the retirees of the generation of 1920 to 1950. they never were taught how to "take an active part in their own lives"!
they put all of their life-eggs into the basket of..."i put my family, my country, and everything else, first, before me: what i need is an expert that i trust to tell me what to order or to do"!
you see these people in caferteria lines, all afumble as they cannot deal with 492 kinds of food on the steamtables and absolutely NO idea what to order so they stand there all embarressed just to be there, they may want some expert to tell them what to order!

As i saw heaven...there are all kinds of help and "experts", but one must ask FIRST! one must be aware, first, of their presence.
thus all of the activeness of living and choosings, in heaven, are utterly up to the individual soul, there.
that is my strong impressions from first hand experiences there!

I will try to get to read more of this much to do and not enought time...