Thursday, January 03, 2002

"one of the most pronounced symptoms of Adult Autism is that the person is a ten year old child for all of his life even though he may have an I Q of 130 and be high level functioning"-----some quote from an English site on Autism!


I agree: just look at my ten year old rant that i wrote yesterday, i thought about deleting it all, but then again, that is ME!
I am not a "godman" or "holyman".....I am ten years old!
this really really struck me the other day as i realized, for the unteenth time, as i sat eating in the cafeteria.....just how i ate and i eat like a picky ten year old!
I touch my food and do things with eating that ten year olds do but that adults do not.

I recall that coffee place in Barnes and Nobles where i finished the coffee and there was some sugar at the bottom of the cup and i put my finger into my cup to get that sugar and then i licked my finger!
I actually could HEAR the tone of voice change, of the Business College Professor, sitting near me, who saw me do this! here was a 50 year old high IQ college professor with his buddies and i could actually hear his voice-tone change as i did some "social blunder" a blunder i do not even note as this blunder is just one blunder amoungst many many many: *anything* is a blunder!!

I accept that!
i enjoy my sugar and i will lick my fingers and i will cut my food into little bites and i will......
but again:
i repeat.

This makes my life SO interesting as i see and hear and sense things that no one else does or pays attention to!
I would suggest to any autie reading this: that this is a good idea: to maximize the TALANTS that comes with your not let all of the put-downs go to your soul, as many of these put-downs have a bit of ENVEY to them! envey?!
why yes.
many people would LIKE to lick that spoon or that sugar at the bottom of the cup: but they won't let themselves as they need that compass of outer directed approval.
thus they put it down in others who do not measure up! so
celebrate your condition, Auties!!