Thursday, January 31, 2002

My days are interesting.
even an "average' day is filled with amazingly interesting stuff.
----the guy who i talked to at the other table the other day in barnes and cafe.
Here is a person who i detected was a liar. i do not mean that he lies; i mean that he IS a lie! seemed that everything that he said was a lie, somehow i could sense this. Nothing came out of his mouth "straight arrow"! he mentioned, when i asked him what his career took him about 200 words to tell me that he was enemployed! oh the language that hid this!
then he spent the rest of my precious time to tell me about the motel that he worked in once, how this Motel needed Work to improve its image, it image with the public: he went on and on detailing in foot by foot detail just how this was to be done.
i did not catch it when i was with him...he surely was talking about his own self, not the Motel!