Saturday, January 19, 2002

interesting living in the subtropics, even though the temp went to 20 degrees far. the other week!

---those little black spots that i see everywheres in my trailer that is in a wooded yard, all lush and green.
things move!
the white t-shirt on the clothesline...why there was an object on it, moving, out of the corner of my eyes...two antannae tweepering upon my shirt: a bug!

the computer guy who fixed my computer, why he has an account with a furniture-rental place, here in Tallahassee....whenever a client rents one of their computers and brings it back; he services it. he ALWAYS finds cockroaches inside the computer case!!
bugs in the system, i guess!

then there was that lizard on my wall, the other day. he was happy to be there. every corner has a bit of a not ask how large the spider is!

One day i came back home to see a rustle in my trashcan: out of it came a lizard, a "meditarrianian
Gecko"! they do not eat vegies...what gives?
---why it was after the fruit flies on my bananna peel!

roaches that would scare a cat!
then every summer, all 9 months of "summer"...i have to move my recycle rollabin, far far off
and way from my trailer as it WILL awaken me every night with the sounds!!
why it is a FROG-atorium!! tree frogs!
then they get right next to the windows and croak off at 3 i have to re-locate them all!

and the yard, and the Jungle next door!
lots of species of stuff here!