Tuesday, January 08, 2002

I deleted my autism weblog!!!

anyone here can still go to my "freestonefiles" link, on the left sidebar, to read my aricles about autism, if they want to.

why delete?
It did not feel good to me, there was something not right about the weblog journal topic!
as if I were validating a weakness, somehow. embracing it. my AUTISM is really something that happend on the way to something else! tis the price of being an old soul with lots of talants but with a small brain for a processor! thus "illegal action code; shut down", or "memory conflicts"! too....i will have more time for my real interests of the "afterlife".

some autistic people see their autism
"I am autistic" as in "I am"!
-----that subtle difference that is between "I feel hungry" and "I am hungry". thus some people who are autistic, they see themselves AS being autistic, instead of having an old soul with brainjams and not being able to use this autisticness as a talant!