Sunday, January 20, 2002

going through checkout at K-mart reminded me of the Christian book store in Gainesville, in 1992!

a big christian book store.
biggest in town of 100,000.

one day the owner closed all of the doors except one and the windows too and he put the biggest shoplifting detector they make in front of that door!
i asked him one day why he must have spent $10,000 on the detector alone let alone his remodleing for the security.

he said...."yes i put it here: $500 to $800 worth of stuff walked out of this store per month"!
shoplifting in a christain store!!

Yes, he says that this store carries music and pictures and books and sunday school teaching aids: they were taking out nearly $1000 per month, why i caught a man who was stealing over 20 pictures of Jesus, over several months...they take the bibles out of the boxes and leave the empty boxes on the shelves"!!

I told him how, as only christians ever ever come here to buy anything as ALL the stuff is christian stuff, a lot of it for sunday schools
and churches....that this was a comment more telling than 50 newspaper articles or 20 books...on the "moral decay" of a civilization".
---or at least in this one area of the country.

this "rabifacated" my brain!
"rabifacated" in "brain like a head of cabbage, going through the cole slaw maker, at a fish cafe"!
only christian come here and everything in the store had a cross or a christian symbol on it and they were losing near 1000 per month in shopliftings!!
----i still ponder that one!!