Monday, January 28, 2002

extremely extremely interesting dream last night; gotta meditate on this one for a bit!

I will go over it here, quickly.

OH in astral land again! vivid colors and flying in a flying car, a convertable that flys with no motor sounds!
to places and people, oh the colors and the vivid blue sky.
Some of the people I, or we, in this car, visited, looked a bit "eastern" maybe like from the arab countries, i could see a Burhka[sp] on a lady, a burkha that did not cover her face.

some psychic person gave to me a reading!! he laid out a sheet of blank paper and began to draw
upon it, while asking me[as well as TELLING me]..."do you want to know, freestone, if you are going to live or die[immediate future]"?!
well i hemmed and hawed a bit: then he drew that picture. it was of me. he told me that i have
"four arms and one of them is a bit "extra""!
---end of dream.

a long days meditation on this one!
seems that i already knew that my life came in three parts, about 20 years long, where the sections were..."earthly childhood, soul, spirit" that is 60 years of life.

"four arms' refers to FOUR of these 20 year periods.
then i will live to be 80 then?!
maybe NOT

that clock dream where i saw from the deck of my hometown nursing home porch...where the sun had "1:20" ON IT AND THEN THERE WAS THE NEARBY SCHOOL WITH EXTRA FLOORS AND THERE WAS A CLOCK ON THE FRONT OF THIS SCHOOL TOO, BUT UNREMEMBERED.
[i hate caps.....they always do this to me and i am NOT going to change it, as "form so so so ruins anything of my writtings so that i can pay absolutely NO attention to caps, punctuation or spellings or i do not write: every bit of my autistic counsciousness is then committed to form-alone, if i pay attention to form and not content!!]
the childhood school let out from grade school at 3:20pm.

so three arms...XXX
and one arm...Y
the three "Xs" are the three earthly years of 20 each, of the sections.
and the "Y" is the 1:20 up in the sky.

so XXXY is the three arms.
Y is next: probably WILL be NON-physical: i go to that mountain land where i foresaw
my comming to, very very soon, where there was that signboard..."1:20 4:20".
---and THAT may well be what this signboard MEANS! "three sections of 20 years of physical life and 20 years of nonphysical life, before going on into the Objective Heavens of Celestial!