Saturday, January 26, 2002

another out of body visit to an astral world, last night, poorly recalled!

seems that i went to an native American gathering, in someone's home, i do not know if the people there were residents in some heaven world or else other visitors from the earth, who came during their sleep....probably both!

there were about 20 to 40 people in this big room, and this place seemed to be of a locale of a tribe of NA people. they were all Indians except me! in fact, they began a ceremoney that was very "spiritual' and sort of "private' to their tribe, but they let me be a part of it!
[i wish i could remember what it was! betcha it was so "not of my daily reality" that there were no memory associational hooks in my memory, so that their would be no way to connect ----thus no bring ing back!]
I DO recall that there was shown a book of symbols of great teachers of the human race, plus, of course, some of their own NA teachers from long long ago.
i actually saw the glypth for
KRISNA! it was of what looked to be a flower, perhaps a water lily.

after the ceremoney, there were yet more people who came to visit. i came into a room and i saw a couple from the earth, who came. he said that he worked for a college fm radio station and that they had "NPR" on it, and that he was on the board of national Public Radio, himself.

i actually saw a couple of people "FREEZE" as in..."computer hang up or freeze"!!
something about me and or the NA people and their ways, seemed to bother him, in spite of his "liberal" leanings! perhaps it was that the Native American-ness that I/they had was "spiritual" in nature: not "political"!
see the redneck spasm and lock up: here was a couple of people who talked the talk of being very intellectual-open-minded, and were a part of the "leftest college professor group"....who usually put down all "rednecks" who are not as intelligent as they: see them go into shock and do the ole redneck DENIAL trip, when something is presented to them that is beyond their grasp!!

---wanna see a college professor redneck go into this spasm?
simple: just whisper the word "psychic" to them! see them go into emotion-state! see them freeze into denials!
---anyway....i saw two people who did not move, they literally froze in denial over something. it was not so much what was said, it seemed to be what was in the very air...Native americans who based their life around Spirit, not around "politics" and racism, perhaps!

"racism"....those who are consumed with race.
----- either in putting down another race, or in trying to
justify their own race! A person who is "racist", i find, is a person who has at least 80% of their hard-drive of a brain FILLED with thoughts of racial matters! no room for anything else!

like: a person who is consumed with the classroom, not the students, is a "racist", as he thinks that a race physical type, is more important than the Souls who incarnate into it: most races are composed, i find, of souls who come from other races...race is just a stage, a classroom.
many NA people were whites from the 1800s. many whites were Indian in a past life.
to me, a "race" is just a pipeline for souls to pass through: thus each race is *utterly* different from each other, so that there is this racial flavor in each one of the races and subraces, as each flavor would attract certain types of souls to incarnate into the race that has the talants that this soul would want and need, to fill his incarnational missions with!
naturally each race has certain ways about it that would not be of use to another person of another race: i suppose the "secret" of this is to maximize the talants of your race within you and to Understand the differences of other races, and accept them.