Friday, December 28, 2001


I went to read at length one of the links on my sidebar and i found it very very wanting!
i removed it.
tis was a major channeling link, no one probably saw it as i just put it there. alein entities, like the RA group, only another....I could spent days...reading it.
it was a group that more or less says that the Contrails are to limit our population and princess Dianna was messed with and that Secret organizatios rule the world and are responsibel for *EVERYTHING* !

the pit looms!
the deep deep pit that is in the internet, the pit of links that go on and on and on and on, with capital lettered words in every paragraph.....

endless cups of coffee and only a fork to eat it by. no way for me to grapple onto truth, no way to reality-check a bit of it! "eating coffee with a fork"....a perfect picture for me, as it is a *bit* hard to eat coffee just by dipping a fork into it and putting that fork into your mouth, in order to "drink" that coffee!

I took it off.
in a way, all of the Paranoia-rants are too too "materialsistic" for me! they all are saying, these sites, is that the material world is Important, as an END in and of itself!
I do not care to read that Jesus married and had three kids and now there are 300,000+ descendants in the world. 500 pages of stuff like this!!
no way to prove. many of these site's mental gymnastics of abstractions are like jet contrails above my head at 40,000 feet: so pretty but So out of reach for my outstretching arms and my mind to touch!

Iknow that i have been to heaven. that is enough.
I will save my valuable link-space for Interesrting stuff that i like.