Thursday, December 13, 2001

yesterday on the city bus, i noticed for the upteenth time, a certain billboard.
there are a lot of them along Tennessee street, maybe 20 or 30 of them along this five mile stretch of busy busy downtown tallahassee main drag street.
I pass the same boards near every day...after a while the ad companies put up new ads: i see a LOT of ads if i look.

I began to rate them.
not if i like the ads or not: i wanted to examine the signboards to see just how the ads were made up, to see how readible they were. I wanted to examine how well the graphics dept, and the concept dept, conveyed their ad-messege, in that 1/2 second that most people are allowed to read it!

See, the drivers have only a second to turn to look at an ad that catches their eyes, maybe not even that long....often just a side glimpse is enough time. why, these billboards are huge, about 30 by 10 feet or more in size. but they are often way off in the distance and there would be the power line clutter in front of them: hard to see some of them.

I was struck by one such billboard, yesterday. the bus stopped for a long long trafficlight and i peered at this sign for maybe three minutes and i could not tell what it offered! the colors were all muddy red, and the print was too too small. i could see the FSU logos, i could see a basketball. i could see a $$ price value.
---I think this poster was for a season series of tickets to the university basketball games----
but even at three minutes of studying this board....I COULD NOT READ IT! opaque. Like reading the top of a cup of "alphebet soup"! billows of color, all alike in tones, with a similar colored background, the print the same color and too small to read, and runs together

later in the day, on another bus route, i peered two minutes at a board that advertised some non-profit
something or other...again, all the picture colors were all muted and all of the same tone: "muddy", would be a good description!

I Have begun to rate these boards on how well they communicate their messeges, not whether or not i agree with the Product that is advertised.
----there is one that i like, for instance, that is quite clear and direct. four tires graphicly shown, and "$100" in big bold black paint. then the name of the dealer that has this offer for four tires for $100. i can see it four blocks away, and in one-half second!
thus.....there are boards that are very clear in what they sell, but others?......w-e-l-l, a study in vagueness and muddy graphics: i cannot even understand what they are selling in three minutes, let alone the 1/2 second that the average driver has to see them....the company's money spent on the ad, is a total waste!

People too: their souls!
i can make that anology, that some people express "themselves" in soul very clearly, while others are of a study in "muddyness, murkyness"!
in the arua and in the feelings that are picked up: even in their clothes.
eveyone is a walking billboard, advertising themselves!

---seems that the more a person Becomes one's soul, becomes one's Self, the clearer the vibration of that soul-expression. i may not "agree' with what this particular expression one such person, but i
am happy to sense a person who has "become"!