Wednesday, December 12, 2001


I got this article in my phoenix folder, a few weeks ago. I copied it into my "other people's earthchange folder", in my Freestonefiles site.


Thu, 15 Nov 2001 12:42:55 EST
Re: [phoenix5_psychic_monitor] (

end times in
three years?!


The channeled message in Spring 2000 and summer 2001
was to leave the

metropolitan area of New York city by the spring of
2005. Earth
changes in
the type of flooding (tsunami?) will cause massive
deaths. Smoke
from high voltage wiring short circuit) from fire and
screams were
sense by
the persons present in the room. According to
channeling, this
message was
not intended to create fear, but as a warning for
humans that there
choices we can made. That earth changes are already
in place and are

inevitable. And that we (civilization) do with this
present message
what we
feel is the best. That this is an opportunity to
raise our frequency
and to look at the sequences of earth changes as
cleansing. After
the changes, there will be left individuals that will
reconstruct the
toward the age of light.

I have been receiving messages of earth changes since
1994. I am
finding that you also are getting the same year 2005.


now what do i make of that one?
I do not know.
i DO know that one day last week, as i was walking across the Mall parking lot, where the sky is open, and the lack of parked cars, make this three acres surprisingly quiet and open; i heard an Inner Voice Speak!
"three years to get ready"!!

these psychics and prophets seem to crank out these messeges like of from a Tibetian prayer wheel, a-spinning in the wind! over and over. and over yet again.
me included!
This particular messege seems to indicate that [ a ] spirit Guide seems to think that these changes are "set in concrete, unchangeable"! maybe the severity may be altered, but not overwrit!

so how DOES one "get ready"?!!
i guess it depends upon that Choice Made about the "Y" fork in the road: does one stay here as a survivor? or does one die and go on to spirit, into the afterlife.
there are two types of "getting ready".
either ready to live here *as* a survivor .......
or to die!

I see , too, that each of the two choices has within them two very very similar sub-choices! a survivor, go off as a "suvivalist" a self-centered survivor, a kind of "dark age monestary" mind set, to preserve some of what is left....go off to perhaps a safe zone and build a fortress of survivial. a survivor, to minister to other survivors, to help them medically or Couselingly; to aid others to rebuild civilization and personal lives. To bring Spirit into manifestation as a beacon-light unto others.
2a...when you die, begin to work on one's personal ascention, to Realize one's Rise in counsciousness, and take the Degree of ascention and go off to join the Intergalactic join the Schools of Soul-progressions, in order to become One with Spirit, into the higher Celestial realms!
2b....when you arrive in heaven, join up with the healing Spirits, to aid and help the less aware than you, below you in progressions! there will be many many who die at, or after, you do: many will be utterly unable to adapt or adjust to the higher vibrations, as they died so quickly at a young age, being still immersed in material persuits! thus delay your own progressions, except to join as a pupil in the schools of Healings and Counselings, in order to Shed Light to those souls who are still below you, on the trail up the mountian called "ascention"!! but do not actively seek "ascention" for your own self!

I expect that your Decision-Choice has already been made!
if not: then what you do, think, and feel, during the next three LIFE during these next three years, if this prophecy is in anyway true, will be the "applying for the job!
in other words------
what you do in the next three years; THAT will be the "application form" for what choice-road that you will take, after this earthchange thing has occured!