Saturday, December 15, 2001

there. final exams are over at the University!

amazing how quiet the vibes are now that all the students are gone!

even as a student, i found that in *any* university library, i can not read any fictional works!
the thickness of the thought-forms are SO great, that it is as if i am trying to Dance on a crowded new york city, standing-room-only, subway train at rush hour! my thoughts are like of me dancing in that subway! all the other thoughts, not only of the "now', but the echos of all the thoughts from' the past' crowd. crowd me greatly; i can not imagine thoughts into pictures as there is no astral room for me to create the images!

I recall one day i spent the day in fredericksbug maryland...usa. tis one of the oldest cities...1720, perhaps. it was equal to baltimore, once, in size, but the growth went to baltimore so that fred. was flash-frozen in time: no new buildings.
it was a small revelation to walk the streets, my head felt like it was in a VISE, a visegrip, as if i was tring to walk through solid rock! why?.....the past was so long that even the few thoughtforms per day piled up into a great thickness!
i wonder what a *really* really old city would be like, for me?
maybe London or Rome....or even the countryside of England?
blow me away probably!