Friday, December 28, 2001

there was a man on the bus who reminded me of my Obligation!

the Obligation that will come to me, in my future, from at least two dreams that i had, during the last two years!

----In the first dream, i was sitting at a table and there was a man opposite me. He asked of me a Question.
Interesting looking man: he was a short stocky man who wore a very deep orange robe. His hair was "Afro", but not so kinky in curls. His face was round, there was a mole on one of his cheeks. black shining eyes....
He put a question to me. he asks me...."Do you wish to help me with the Progression and Spiritual Advancements of millions of souls, after you die"?!!
(feeling of-----"I need, in the name of spirit, all the help that i can get, the need is so great, many many are needed"!)
probably Sathya Sai baba!

----second dream, a dream, last year, about a year later. In this dream, i am shown a "high school-like" building. a school, a school IN heaven, a school that i WILL go to after i die. In this school, i am shown, i will go to classes to learn. (probably how to help souls advance!)
interesting what the dream-Guide told me! he says that these classess will have to do with..."magic, psychic, spirit...."!
(no, this will not be a "1st baptist church religion school"!! they, the baptist church, would probably NOT like any of these courses!)

So this man on the bus reminds me of this Promise that i made.....from the two dreams above...

here was a man who i gut-level did not like! Instantly and gut level, at least in the "dos" level, if not the BIOS level, of my "computer" soul! any "win98" programing, in my brain, was instantly bypassed. He was sitting near me. he talked in a very lilting, theatrical, tone of voice. sounded like "fingernails on the blackboard" to me! made my skin crawl! he joked, extrovertly, and constantly, and everyone on the bus just loved it. if i shut my eyes, i would think it was a lady talking...the ladies on the bus loved him!
I turned to him to mention something about Tallahassee, as he had just put the city down.
I looked into the guts of a meat grinder! that was his face: a meat grinder, all churning and twisted. He made some snide remark, that had hidden in it, great putdowns for anything of Spiritual value! For the next ten blocks, everyone just seemed to love him: i detected that he thought very very little of me, though, and i would "love to pick him up just like i would a scorpion"!
---was it because he was "theatrical-GAY"? or was it something deeper?
[ya know...I can see why so many homo men are into the Theater, the stage, as most of their lives are utterly an ACT! they play a part, wear a mask, hid their real selves, thus they are actors on the stage, as most of their lives of rich sexuality, must be hidden from the straights...that CLOSET that must be lived in!]
so did i dislike him because he was gay? No, it goes deeper than is a man who might be even a "psychpathic personality"! all of his inner pain pain, he lies first to himself, over; then he can lie to others.

my Obligation?!
that after i die, i may well spend months and years living with this guy, being a "guide" to this guy! "YEARS" in maybe ten to fifty heavenly years!
why HIM?
because we made contact, that is why! three minutes on the bus....
live a whole 60 years as a roomate to him, a Personal Counselor? why i have touched or have been touched, by probably 300,000+ people, over the 60 years that i have lived: you mean that i could spend 1 to 100 years with EACH?!
well, the Owner's manual, the Bible, talks about what ETERNITY and INFINITY eternity, there is *quite* enough time, for to live with "millions of souls"!
why i could be sitting with someone, in my heavenly house, and this GUY walks in and i say "goodbye" to my friend, to go off to live with this visitor, for 100 years. after the 100 years are over, i leave him and then come back to my house and find my friend sitting there. He ought to be there, as a tenth of one second has gone by, for my friend! I go "right angle" to live with the visitor, as a sheet of paper is .001 inch thik: but can be yards long, at right angles: this is how i sense time in heaven.

this guy on the bus, even now, i try to find ways to "love him", to understand him, as i try even the harder to do in my daily travels, with anyone that i care not for, as when i die and go to heaven-school, i will learn how to be of HealingHelp, to them, after they arrive in heaven after i die! I will join the Team of the Healing Angels and Angelic souls, i guess, after my school is over with.
sure humbling to me here, to know that i cannot AFFORD to dislike *anyone*! why i could be soon spending years...years, with a tall thin bearded man who directed two airplanes into an American skyscraper!! really! I have alread, in my astral travels, OBE, faced David Koresh, of the Waco temple, and probably will be Buddy to him too, after i die! I have to ,now, be prepared to learn how the motives of ben Laben may have been utterly different from what everyone thinks presently!
ugads....a million years of "eating crow" i relate with child sex men and Columbia drug lords and sarcastic business CEOs, after i die, in the Healing Centers...and probably for *quite* a while!