Saturday, December 22, 2001

Tallahassee is quiet after all the 80,000 students leave for xmas.

I miss not the snow. when i lived up there, in the years of 93 to 98, in my hometown of Interlaken ny, sw of syracuse.....i recall that 8pm night that my best friend got me to go out to the pizza place for pizza.
was ten below [farenheit, NOT centegrade!!!!] with about a 20 mile per hour wind and that wind greeted me at the door as i and friend waded through the snowdrifts outside of my door, just to get to the sidewalk. the pizza place was warmer, about 40 degrees: i wore my artic jacket while eating.
yes the pizza was very good and the friend too. this was the year that the winter was so that if the temp got up to 15 degrees it was a good day!! do not ask what a COLD day was!! bout 90 inches of snow that year.

I like it here. the syracuse paper had an article about HEAT, one day....the rare once per summer week of 90 for a high temp. the article says that if one really wanted to go where heat rules, in the usa, one must go south. washington gets 28 days of 90...further south the number even gets up to as many as 40 to 50 days a year of 90 or more.
tallahassee gets offically 89 days a year of 90!!
i love it!!