Friday, December 28, 2001

the spellings that i do not catch!
i would have to go back and re-do my whole last post, to correcct the spellings! between my keyboard that my big fingers do not like and my
Normalness called "dylexsia"...i reverse the letters and mess up too too much!
dylexia is "normal"?!

type out the word "hill". think about that word, what is the sequence of events?
why the sequence is...that the last letter though of is the letter behind you, the "l". the first letter is the last one to look back on, like looking backwards along a line of fenchposts just walked by no one would ever ever say that the very first post in the row is the one to look at first: one looks at the one that is just behind you and then go backwards from that.

thus what i that we all have artifically learned to reverse the order of thinking when writing out spellings in words: the dylesictic has trouble learning something artifical!
like: WHO would say that the first of the month, at the present "now" date of the 28th of the month, was the closer date? most people would say that the 27th was closer, being yesterday.
but that is how a dylestic THINKS when writing! my opinion! he thinks normally.
autistic people too, like me!

so i wil butcher the president's english, thank you.....or else i will never ever get to write anything!