Monday, December 17, 2001

Now i know why mother mother came to me in that vision dream from heaven just to tell me something!

finally i figured, or was shown intuitively, what this is.....

[but first to build the barn before you can put the weather vane onto its top!]
In the summer of 1998, i began to have Dreams that told me that i was going to die soon; not any symbolic death either! by new years of 1999, one dream said.
Now it was the middle of August of 1998, and i had yet another of these dreams!
"Freestone, your life force has run out"! -----that was what this powerfull voice said!
a few days later, i got sick...went to a mild case of pnumonia. between the Vet Clinic and Spirit and antibiotical horse pills, i eventually recovered. while not "life threatening"...i had another dream near the end of September. A voice told me, an Angelvoice told me...."you were Important in the life of your mother, and it went very well: you will live YET a while longer"! they were not THE exact words...but BOTH ideas were linked together as if they were part of one reality: that i was to live longer due to Influence upon my mother. I left my hometown october 2 of 1998.

it became appartent to me that when i left, it would be for good, never even to visit again.
Thus i moved back to what i called, ever since the 1960s, "my other life", as Tallahassee florida was where i 1959-1960 went off to college and began to live my EXPRESSED life of my soul.
thus when i moved away, in october, i had been living here in tallahssee for 39 years, on and off.

On May 2 of 1999, i had another Mother dream. she had been killed, see, in that accident, on october 5th of 1975. 23 years in heaven now, she was. the dream......I was standing in front of my childhood home and the western sun had just set. i could see far far to the horizen, at the setting sun. all of a sudden, it looked as if the sun had come back up! in place of the sun, was a rainbow-like arch of light, and under this rainbow was my mother, in a large white robe! she looked at me and said three numbers to me! "3 39 99"!
? ? ?
on may 2 of 1999.

for months and months, on and off, i pondered...
? ?
so today i now know!!
very simple, most of it: i did not do my homework right, before!
her birthday is the 20th of may. my birthday is june 28th.
39 days separate these two dates!
My mother was killed, in that accident when that sports car came into her lane at 120mph!
that was october 5th of 1975.
between june 28 and oct 5 99 days!

In 1998, oct 2.....when i left my upstate new york hometown for the last time, like of a kind of "death", was 3 days from my mother's death of oct 5th 1975!.....3 days!

that's it!

One more thing!!
my mother, herself, while alive, was a PROPHET! she, herself, had a visiondream that she would die in ten years as the red sports car came into her lane at dusk! ten years later, that red car came, at dusk!!

I am now 60. 60, as of june 28 of this year.
On october 2nd....of 1998, i was 57 years old, when i left. I had now been living "in" tallahassee for 39 years.
together...they add up to 96 years.
MESSEGE......they will add up to 99 years, then i will die for the second time: off to heaven for THIS death! the "upstate ny, has stopped that lifepath [i had, apparently, TWO lifepaths!] is dead: three more years from october 2 of 1998!
as of oct 2 of 2001, i have "lived" 99 years.....being now i read her dream as a prophecy for ME!
her dream appearance to me, from heaven, where she came down from heaven to tell me this, was on may 2 of 1999. from may 2 to june 57 days. THAT is the number of years i had lived in my hometown, untill i left on oct 2nd!!

I am now six months into "being 60"!! until oct of 2002, it is about nine months!!
I might make 61.....but not to oct 2!!.....if this is rightly interpeted!
again: fall of 1998...when i left ....57 years old and 39 years in tallahassee= 96 years. the "57" stops counting, of course, when i left there.

so, folks, anyone who reads Mother was telling me that i had a grace of three years. just like i came home in 1986 to be with my dying father for a year, as PART of my mother's death prophecy ten years before she died was that "MY husband Dudley will live until he is 72". well the 1975 shock of her sudden death so un-nerved him that he went over the edge and did not ever want to see me again. on his Intensive care bed, in 1986, he Asked his Sister for to see me and i drove right up from tallahassee: he was 72...THEN OH THEN did i learn of my mother's prophecy!! never heard it before.
we had a wonderfull reunion, all was forgiven...his face glowed with joy everytime that i came into the nursing home room! he died on Christmas day of the next 73 years old!
was my mother wrong?
Dudley made amends with his son and Spirit gave to Dudley a year of grace, so to be able to do that, and he died on the Day of Gifts, the day of the Jesus 73 years of age.
[i believe, i am not sure, that i first saw dudley on November 2 of 1986. that began the year of grace.
THAT date is directly opposite that may 2 dream where my mother came to yet ANOTHER indication that i am to have three years of grace, three years that are now UP!!
that..."up"...means 3.9 years.....not over till that perverbal fat lady dudley died nearly three months into his second year....but before the clock turns "4" will be done.

3 years of grace.
IF i read it right.
may be SO potent that even if there IS another extension: i must move away from my favorite city and never never return even to visit ever ever again! I plan that...pray for that; this "score line" is evident...ya know that score mark in the hersey's candy bar where you can break it evenly at that point of the bar!

stay tuned, sports fans......the next few months will be very interesting...
and how about that solar eclipse opposite Pluto, on June 10th, ON my ascendant! conjunct saturn no less!! sun conj saturn conjunt north node conjunt moon, opposite degree from my ascendant!

anyway....that is my news for today....guess i will have something to pray and meditate upon, from now till the end of the year!