Monday, December 31, 2001

Morning coffee at Macdonalds. I had just bought my morning paper: the first article caught my eye. I read it, it was about how a church that served the homeless in Frenchtown has to close as the city is buying the property to "upgrade frenchtown" to help its economic recovery. the Minister laments about how frenchtown is full of poverty and homeless people who have very little help.
suddenly a whole group of homeless people come into my area and one of them grabs my paper off of my table and sits down to read it as if it is his. the rest of the paper follows.. it IS his, i sense...everything in the world, i sense, is his. I sense that there is no conception that this paper was mine to begin with and no conception that he should even think of giving it back! i look around and see that all of the 7 am customers, all ten or fifteen, are "homeless"!
i get up and leave, leaving my 2/3 drunk coffee cup on the table: no use in arguing, no use in confronting them all, as my argument would have utterly no meaning to this guy with "my" paper! maybe a fistfight would speak his language, but that would not convince him!

probably the arguement, in his court, is simple....
"they have, i need"....and....."they do not give mine to me: then i get upset"!
----what could be more simple and basic: "there is food on someone's table and i am hungrey and thus he should give it to me. PERIOD. end of argument and "philosophings!""!

---probably i will rant a LOT, more further, in this Journal, about "the homeless", as time goes on....!
----because, one, i see them everyday. i am single and alone and i wander the streets a lot and i do not eat at "el ritzo cafe" with my pension, so i share much of the physical world with the homeless and the outcast and the criminal i do not have a nice house in suburbia with three kids, a wife, and a $78,000 job!
And, a nutshell, tis obvious to me the MOST of what i feel to be Interesting, real, and true, has utterly utterly not a shred of meaning to these men! and "why" this is so?!

Monkeys partaking of a Christmas Rennesance recreation madgrigal Dinner feast. Discoursing Kant and Plato to the hungrey racoons out by the trash cans!

I had a dreamvision once: it was where Krisna was walking pied piperly with his Flute, and the animals followed him along the trail. Think "Pied Piper piping to draw the rats along, out of the city"! I could notice that all of the animals who followed Krisna were the Domesticated animals of Mankind...cats, cows, horses...etc...etc.
In the rear, peeking out of the woods, looking at Krisna, Interested in maybe following him too, were the wild animals!
I saw this as this: that in the heaven-language, a "young boy"[Krisna] means, "a God". the "domesticated animals" means "people with the Spirit of the Lord=Spirit, the Holy Spirit, within their hearts. the "wild animals" means the people who have NO spirit within their hearts. This dream seemed to infer that as the domesticated animals follow Krisna, they would become "young boys" eventually. [Ye shall be as Gods".....] so "an animal" means, "a man"...and "a young boy" means "a God"!
I guess this is why God incarnated AS a man[avataria] so to turn all men into Gods!! this is what i got from that dream!

A writer wrote....."behold the pet dog, sitting in his master's house, awaiting the master's return from work. as soon as the car pulls into the drive, he yelps and runs around so eagerly. yes, this dog treats his master as if he were a God, only wants just a little love from his master each and every day. his whole day is centered around his adoration of his master...
and, yes, someday, after this dog dies, he may get a chance to actually incarnate AS a man, a human soul to a-get: his apprentice-ship with being a pet, got some humanity to get into his dog-soul. Thus these dog pets are entities that are on their way to becoming men, by soaking up the Love that men give to them!
AS....the Men are on their way to becoming Gods! [who are WE pets to??!]

the homeless in macdonalds...this is why i have an interest in the homeless....and in the other "outsiders"! most of these people have *very* little of spirit inside of their souls, if any at all! Thus i have this small "cosmic" does they ever GET this Spirit into their souls?!

Now, they each seem so "self-centered"! they do not know the New healing maxim: "the patient, under medical care, should take an active part, in his own healing"!
I sense that these men only feel their needs as being Important and that they are utterly unaware of how their vibes and attitudes affect people around them. Thus how can they learn to Take part in their own reformations?!
that alcoholic who lived over me, years ago, who was finally, after three years, getting his drivers license back after the 3rd DWI in two years. I saw him storm up to the stairs, as i left my apartment and he dumped all of his anger onto me, telling me that "this fucking bitch of a lady who manned the license counter would not sign such and such form so i have to come back next week" then he stormed off into his room!
my take?
---that this was 4pm on a friday and this lady had a *very* long hard day and she was at the end of her rope of mood, and this guy, who hates all of most such offices of government, why he stormed up to her desk with a great anger and this anger upset this lady so much that she just closed down and denied relating with him! So here he is...he was cluless as to how HE figured into the problem: he blamed HER for all of her reaction, not even knowing that he was really the cause of it all. Probably his whole life was like that! I probably would never be able to tell him...soon he moved away...

thus these macdonalds "homeless" men get angry a lot over how all of the rest of humanity makes it SO hard for them, being clueless over how that they have an attittude that is not "nice". no one but that "monk" loves to pick up Scorpions! and they are angry because they are NOT permitted to Be Scorpians and they blame everyone else for not accepting all of thei real needs and bitches: they want to live AS scorpions and to have the world ACCEPT their scorpion-ness, and to have all of the people around them LOVE them AS scorpions!!
"wild animals"
---as the first baptist minister might put it...."how can they become Saved?!
I, who will become a helper to healing Angels, after i die, would wonder, NOW, how these men can have Spirit in their souls, before they die, so that they can at least be enrolled into the healing center classes, after they arrive there at death!
I can now very very sense how Krisna wrote, in the Gita, how He must Re-incarnate form age to age, so that he can RADIATE outwards, from his incarnated body while on earth, the God-Vibrations, so that all of Humanity is Pierced in their souls by the "arrows" of Godlove vibrations, so that all of humanity recieves His Blessings and the Collective human race has each person in it become more "spiritual" just by soaking up the Bestowal of Krisna!

Better Come Soon, Krisna!!