Saturday, December 01, 2001

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AIDS.......part two!

well here i am again, a-writing about AIDS! i suppose this short article could be called "part two" from yesterday.
---I wonder; if aids were created by spirit for to have souls who need to die young, die at Their Appointed Time, surely there would be many many reasons why people need to die young!
thus "aids" is a room with many doors: a harvesting Combine to gather many species of wheat from the earthly fields.
I have a personal spin-take on ONE of those Doors, one of the species of wheat....souls of a certain type.

"aids took the very best"------anon.
-----Some one from the new york or san fran artist community, commenting upon how the 90s
aids seemed to strike and kill all of the very most creative old souls: decimating the artist's communites in all of the major cites!

So why would a whole group of very old soul artists and Talanted people choose to die young?
here is my take:
-----Many many psychics and prophets have warned of massive earthchanges that were to have already occurred, by the 90s or thereabouts. Some warned of Wars. there are still Warnings Given, for the immediate future...up till 2014 or so!! Perhaps Spirit has indeed Overwrote many of the massive changes that were to have already occurred: but this overwriting was not foreseen twenty years ago!
Thus Spirit had it where there might be untold thousands, maybe millions, of people, to die all-at-once, in some war or wars or of some major earthchanges.

Gotta take out an insurance policy in CASE such a end-time scene were to have occur, or WILL occur!

what to do?
what might Spirit DO?!
w-e-l-l.....I would guess that in case there are millions, or even 5000 souls, to come up all at once: there BETTER be a healing and restorational center, in heaven, readied for to meet them with!
A healing temple with many many counselors and Guides and healers and teachers...Temples!!
the oldest souls may be the best to be the Guides.

got to havee these Guides ready to meet these souls.
this means.....
---a whole bunch of old souls must go to earth in order to soak themselves in the culture ways of the 20th century so that they will "speak the language" of the incoming multitiudes, later, as Guides to them, in heaven!
----THEN they all have to die young! why?
so that they can go before everyone else so that they can first cleanse themselves of the earthly "small negativities". then they have To Recieve Training in the healing/counseling Arts, so that they will be ready to meet these incoming souls. this takes time, even in heaven as in the lower realms there is some sort of "duration"! thus these old souls must all leave before the rest of us!
even if there are no real "major castastropies", these souls must all do this, die young, as a kind of "insurance policy" in case Spirit were to have a war or volcano erupt: why if Fuji-san were to explode, right next to Tokyo, why the whole Tokyo-yokohama basin with its 15,000,000 people could be destroyed: heaven must be readied for the sudden influx of fifteen million souls that arrive within 20 minutes of each other!! thus W_H_O will be there for them? ---- the older souls with their talants, of course!

thus these older souls, in "earthly trainings" must have an AID in order to all die at about the same time!!
something must aid them, as Modern Medicine prolongs life so much, these days!!

----amazing to sense life where "earth school" is seen as a "satellite field outpost" of heaven's College!!
reverses the whole of Importance! Cornell university has something called "agricultural extension services".
this is where there are courses and pamphlets set up for farmers to recieve the training and the knowledge
from the University agricultural school, without having to actually come there, as they are too too busy being farmers!
earth is a extension of the heavenSchool of Soul progressions! our ciricculums are set up and RUN, from there!