Saturday, December 08, 2001

Interesting how dreams reflect the day before!

here i got an e-mail, yesaterday, from someone with a THELEMIC webring and he was changing the style of it and he wanted to ask the members if they liked it.

I, last night, experienced a series of out-of-body dreams. they all were like disconnected chapters of a book: i went to one place then another, somewheres in the astral realms.
---the last one was very strange and interesting!

Seems that i ran into a long room full of people, ran into it very abruptly and ran the whole length of the room before stopping. i apologized for "butting in", and then i noted that the room was full of people. seemed a house in the countryside, or of some meeting room of some sort.
Someone intrioduced himself as a member of the Thelemic organization, and welcomed me there.
I recall not so much of what happened next: but i do recall how I read a long long booklet about Thelema
and the Workings of its magiks and systems! very though, very detailed....i must have spent a dream hour or more in reading...

yes, to touch someone is to be touched in return! just to get an e-mail from a thelemic person is to make Contact, contact in the spirit worlds with Him and his organization! then as i touched him, at night he can touch me: the Bond is made!
i suppose, and hope, i guess, that i am on some sort of "roll" in their organization, at least as a
"beginner"[!] ---in their ASTRAL organization! the people who "belong' to this Path, no matter which branch of Thelema, all belong to the various astral counterparts of the Spirit Thelemic organization, the "trunk" that unites in heaven, all and each of the "roots" of it, all over the earth, no matter how disconnected from each other.
after they die, the members, that is where they will go to[one of the places].

I would wish and hope and Ask of spirit.....that i would be "on the rolls" of as many of the astral/heavenly
organizations as possible! to be able to at least begin to Ask Questions of them, when i arrive, and to pick up their learnings, if it suits me at that time!

yes, the streets of life are lined with Recruiting office store fronts, each office is a "front end", or front, for an Astral, spiritual counterpart, up there in the heavens, for that office. i suppose for some offices, anyone can join, others are selective, and yet others ask YOU, and you cannot ask them!!
After you die, you have that Connection---off ya go to the Basic training Boot Camp, of that organization!
you arrive, off the Chairon's ferry, onto the get on the shuttle bus to a barracks reception center at 5 am, and the tech sargent TI..DI enters the room to great you!!

earthly offices where after you Sign Up, you can walk out anytime you want...but you can never never leave!
reminds me indeed of when i 1964-ly joined the U S Air Force, in that recruiting office, and there was a three month waiting period...i could, and did, go home for awhile...but soon enough a pack of papers arrived in the mail, and off on the Plane i went and i got off the taxi-shuttle and walked into a Reception room at 5 am, at the basic training center...