Thursday, December 27, 2001

I was in Barnes and Noble, the bookstore/coffee house combination, the other day, for my usual java hit. I walked back to the bathroom, before i settled down with my coffee and a new york Times. I do this about 1pm nearly every day that i am free to do this: i pass by all the books on the way back to the rear of the store.
On this particular day, i noticed something. Oh nothing changes,really, from day to day on the shelves, perhaps except that this book and that book changes.....but in the seeings of the familiar, often there is a certain seeing, out of dozens and dozens of these seeings of the same thing, that "it hits home"; that a Real perception is made!
This seeing of the books was such an event.
This is where i really really notice how the book covers showed SO MUCH creative graphics! I am 60, now, and the book covers of 1958, high school days, and the book jackets of even the late 60s, well dull by comparison! i really noted how much the cover illustrations have changed over the years, from. say, about 1965.
"creative graphics"....that is what i saw! hard for me to write what i mean by that expression. It was MORE than that there was just more graphical drawings and more expressive artwork, on these covers.
somehow, here, i had a KNOWING, a SEEING ( ala Don Juan/carlos casstennada) that what i am seeing, in these books, is the spiritual evolution of our collective souls!
there is much more imagination, today.....whether for "good" or "bad"! The illustrators of these books were very imaginative, in the artwork, of the drawings; almost as if
*everyone* now is capable of enjoying "Lord of the Rings"! Fantasy....role-playings...Dreams....
---that life is more than "just the naked object"; that objects have an inner life and that inner life is connected to our own lives, personally!
Tis as if there is more creative imagination being done by us all, these days: as if Spirit smote us all with some lightning flash of Spirit, Illuminating each of our souls!
---and Juicing us all to the max: the electric wire comes down onto the cow pasture: "just look at 'em dance, Zeke, out in the field, the cows"!
---somehow, what i was seeing, was more than just "xmas promo"....this was a kind of, for ME, a kind of judgement upon our souls, of a very very positive nature.
we all are Doing better than the Critics say we are: things are very OK with our Spiritual Development!

a few years ago, when i lived in my hometown, i spent an afternoon at the nearby University: Cornell, at Ithaca. after some coffee at Mossewood resturant, i took the bus up the hill and hung out in the library, where it was warmer tha the Ithaca weather. there on the wall, on the shelves, was 20 to 40 years of past copies of the University Newspaper: "the Cornell Sun". all of them, going back to at least the 1950s.
nearby, were long empty reading tables-----i had an inspiration: i was going to pull out at random, an issue from the late 1950s, then an issue from about 1973, and a final issue during the currant year.
lay them side by side, open to the same page for all three, each.
I could SEE it, from ten feet away!! The radical radical change in counsciouness from the 1958 paper to the 1973 paper: i could see it in the ad-graphics alone!
1958? -----why conservative blocky ads that hawked suits and a kind of "thud" mentality. grey. button down. "ivy league".
1973? ---i could see the psychedelic graphics and the tone of the ads.....
later issue? ---the same imaginations, but somewhat codefied into banners and sloguns.....NOW there was more more "political sensitivity issues" in the paper.

side by side, an achelogical dig into shalerock layers of CornellSuns. lay them side by side: see the difference from ten feet away.
the evolution of counsciouness of a Race, over Time.