Tuesday, December 18, 2001

I just read the "yahoo" headlines.

at noon, "the fire has been contained"!

good grief! yet ANOTHER blow to new york city! here the world's largest cathedral, St John's, caught fire!!
oh it was mostly in the gift shop, but some of the old tapestres in the church were ruined and smoke water damage went through all and the smoke and flames shot 40 or more feet into the air.

on and on it goes. after the wtc...first it was the airplane, now the church!

reminds me......

I used to drive a lot between my second home in fla, to my childhood home in new york. on one such trip, through Richmond va., i had a small car accident. months later, i drove through the city again, on my return trip. i stayed at a motel there and when i got up, my car battery was dead! the next year had it where when i passed by that same motel, i had a flat tire. the year after that, i could detect my muffler going bad, as i drove through Richmond!!
i resolved......
i resolved never to drive near that city again as each time afterwards there was something that happened to my car!

there must be some kind of "residual momentium" here....like of that bounching basketball that keeps on bouncing when one stops dribbling it. does not help to have 15,000,000 people keep the Thoughts going of disasters either!!
i would predict that these sort of things will continue there until the energy is finally gone from that wtc event. may be years from now.

yes, i can hear it now...some religious extremist would make the judgement call that "now sin city is getting the rightious Wrath
of the Lord: about time"!!
----but there is something going on......
if only the bounching ball syndrome!