Friday, December 07, 2001

i got a letter from one of the rings that i sub to; he is changing the slant of his Thelemic site to one of "storms"
Magickal Reign Forest ....that is the name of the "webring"[not yahoorings!]

reminds me, as i replied...about how as a kid, in my upstate new york high hill prairie farm home, i would make a point to be out at the front of the yard to watch those oncoming thunderstorms, in the summertime. so so awe-some to watch these storms come from 60 miles away. the colors! the action!
the drama! no two storms are ever alike.
i eventually went to weather school, to major in meteorology...only to fail miserably as i think in autistic picture-images and meteorology is nuttin but math and physics!
least i still am *at* this universery!---i am now in the Library!
and i still drop everything just to go out and watch the storms...why tallahahassee has over 80 thunderstorms a year: tropical rain summers!

no one else seems to even notice!
i can see why people spend hours riding in cars in the Kansas praries just to catch a glimpse of a tornado!