Wednesday, November 21, 2001


after THAT dream of yesterday, i feel like i have been Informed, yet again....that dream of the high school where my soon-to-die warning was shown to me yet again.

betcha i will Meditate and Pray a bit over the Holiday weekend on THIS one!

This life of mine is sure sure mysterious!
everyone else's is too!

but ya gotta read behind the lines of one's life to see the mystery of it, one's life, i find.

a life is like a dream.
" row row row your boat
down the stream....merrily merrily merrily,
life is but a dream"

---if life is a dream: it can be INTERPETED like a dream!
all of one's daily little small events, are bits and pieces of a Larger Picture.
just as each little hunk of fired clay colored bit of ceramic, makes up a mosaic, a mosaic of hundreds and hundreds of these bits of fired colored clay....where if ya git right up close, about one inch away from the wall, all you can see is several colored bits of clay that look utterly unconnected from each other...a red one here next to the green one there...
----just as the events of one's day, one's life are like of that! the number on the cash regester next to you at the checkout line, the words the old lady says to her friend that you hear as you walk out of the store, the song on the radio that you turn on...the very first words of it, and the words that your son says to you as you open the door with your groceries as you come home.......
-----each little event is a "bit of colored clay" in your Mosaic that is called "your life".
Only your Soul, your Oversoul, and your Guides...can actually see the whole life-mosaic, on the "wall", as they stand outside of your life, in the Higher spirit vantagepoint.
thus you might deem these events at the supermarket and afterwards, to be of utterly no importance as they are unconnected in THIS dimension but connected at a higher level where the "mosaic" has a Meaning when seen. these events could be a Messege or comment to you!

yes, just as if you place a chair with ink on the four leg-bottoms on a large sheet of paper where when you take the chair away you have four inked squares that *are* not connected, except that you see the symetry of the square of the four corners...."a synchronism" you exclaim! the four bits of colored ink are in a pattern! yes, they are connected at a higher dimension: the chair as a chair...thus a sign, omen, or sychnchronism is where there is a meaningfull pattern that exists at that higher level of Spirit that is not discernible here on earth! that is what i feel a synchronism IS...where there are these "bits of clay" of small daily events, that are connected by a thread-of-meaning, that is at a higher level.

this sort of patternings occur more in one's dreams as they are nearer to spirit, at night.
thus if one interpets one's day's events *as* if they were a dream....why then one lives in the DREAMTIME! one lives where there are "hidden" meanings behind any possible event.