Thursday, November 01, 2001

well well well!
i was cleaning out an old mail box, a free mail sevice; one that i have not used for months and months and lo and behold...i found this article that i saved, an article that Answers a profound Sathya Sai baba Questiion for me!
I have been Disturbed, of late, by all of the REAL seeming acusations that Baba really is a child molestor and has sex with kids and his devotees and that he is a homo in drag and homosexual-inituates innocent devotees to mind-muck them for the rest of their lives!!
---what a turn-off for christians and other spiritual people, if true!!

I now enclose part of this aricle that David Jevons wrote, and had posted onto a mailing list, a couple of years ago. after the article i will say my say as to why i think that baba has this accusation levied against him!! my comments will follow the article.
> Michael,

> I'm attaching Sai Baba's message (Word Document)
> from a recent seminar. Not
> too far into the discourse there is mention of Earth
> Changes.
David Jevons says........
> Another extraordinary speech on Sai Baba and His
> Mission by David Jevons:

> Jevons gave the following talk to an audience of Sai
> Baba Devotees who were
> attending the annual retreat of the Pacific Region
> North of the Sathya Sai
> Baba Organization of the USA held at the Silver
> Falls State Park Conference
> Center of Oregon over the weekend of October
> 22nd-24th, 1999. It has been
[Jevons says......I have cut out much of it to save space, thus it will "jump" from topic to topic!]
> I wonder if we really appreciate the many blessings
> that are continually
> being showered down upon us by our Creator. For
> example, not only are we
> privileged to be here this weekend in this beautiful
> mountain setting,
> enjoying the good company of like-minded people in a
> spiritual retreat, but
> we are also all basking in the omnipresence of our
> beloved Lord, Sri Sathya
> Sai Baba.
> Now it is apparent, to those of us who have been
> following Sai Baba for
> many years, that he is changing the nature of his
> relationship with his
> devotees. Some amazing statements have come out of
> Puttaparthi in the last
> few months. For example, at the celebration of
> Dasara on October 14th [1999] Baba
> walked out of the celebration without giving his
> usual discourse,
> announcing to stunned devotees that he would no
> longer give discourses on
> such occasions. He later said that he has been
> giving discourses for so
> many years but that devotees have not been listening
> to what he has been
> saying. They have not been putting his teachings
> into practice. I recall
> here his warning: "You seek too much information
> and not enough
> transformation." Earlier this month, Indulah Shah,
> the president of the
> world Sri Sathya Sai Organization, came to Vancouver
> and delivered a
> personal message from Swami.
> Firstly, Indulah Shah announced, Sai Baba had said
> that we should not
> concern ourselves with what he had said before June
> 1996 and that what he
> had taught since that time were his final
> instructions to us. The
> information age was now over and the transformation
> age was about to begin.
> Secondly, Sai Baba had said that we should not be
> devotees of his form,
> but devotees of his teachings. The worship of his
> form must stop. He
> emphasized that we were no different from him. We
> were all God, we were
> all no different from God. We should lead our
> lives based on the five
> divine qualities that he proclaims, namely, Love,
> Truth, Peace, Right
> Action and Nonviolence. The purpose of our
> incarnation is to realize that
> we are not our physical bodies, and that we are in
> fact eternal beings of
> spirit.

> Sai Baba has asked us not only to stop worshipping
> his form but the form of
> past Avatars as well. If we get attached to his
> form, or to any form for
> that matter, we are inevitably going to suffer when
> we are denied access to
> the form. As the husband of a wife who was very
> attached to Swami's form I
> know that this is true. When Sai Baba began weaning
> my wife off his form
> he started a painful process, because my wife
> regarded this weaning as a
> form of rejection. When we go to India to see Sai
> Baba and the physical
> Sai Baba ignores us, the ego-self immediately
> creates feelings of
> rejection, of lack of self worth, of doubt and
> suspicion. We say that Sai
> Baba doesn't love us any more, that he doesn't know
> that we are there, that
> he doesn't understand our wants and our needs. But
> Sai Baba is weaning us
> for a purpose, to force us to go inside and to
> contact the force that I
> call Super Sai, the omnipresent force of God, which
> is always with us no
> matter where we are in the world. We don't have to
> go to India to contact
> this force. Ann and I have found that Super Sai is
> so much more powerful,
> so much more approachable, so much more responsive
> than the physical Sai.
> Attachment to the form is in fact a limitation to
> our spiritual progress.
> Sai Baba himself tells the story of an elderly
> devotee who, after his wife
> had died, came to live in the ashram at Puttaparthi.
> He was a retired army
> officer and he was devoted to Sai Baba. He lived in
> the ashram for many
> years but suddenly, one day, Sai Baba told him to
> leave the ashram and to
> go and live in Madras. Reluctantly he left and as
> he was a very old man he
> was looked after by some Sai devotees there. Six
> months later he developed
> cancer and died. Subsequently one of the devotees
> in Madras who had looked
> after him went to Sai and said. "Swami, why where
> you so unkind to this
> man? He was devoted to you and yet you threw him
> out of the ashram just
> before he died?" Baba replied "If I had not forced
> him to go, he would
> never have got liberation. He was too attached to
> my form." So there is a
> danger in becoming too attached to the form of the
> guru. We should strive
> to release all such attachments and to rely on the
> omnipresent God within
> us, not the physical form of God in India.
> In twenty-two years Sai Baba's physical form will
> disappear forever, as did
> the forms of all past Avatars. That is the nature
> of physical life.
> Nothing is permanent. So we can understand why Sai
> Baba is now asking us
> to move from the form to the formless. We are not
> our bodies. We are all
> individualized aspects of consciousness linked to a
> formless and nameless
> energy, which we can call Super Consciousness. Sai
> Baba himself has said
> that he represents Super Consciousness .


what better way to make VERY sure that a devotee will NEVER look to baba's form, as being something to Worship, is to make that form SO distastefull to imagine! what more ugly image can one imagine then that of a CHILD MOLESTER/Homosexual rape-ist?!
I feel that baba set this all up deliberately so that we all trash his form and then only use the Inner Spirit!

what the Guru should do, in my opinion, with a new devotee, is this:
first he convinces the new devotee that he is God incarnate.
then the guru somehow initiates or gives a kind of "implanting" or "connection making", where this God-vibration is somehow implanted into the soul of that devotee.
now this devotee has a direct line to Spirit, for himself, and the outer guru is not anymore needed.

but often this devotee is fixatated upon the outer form of the guru and wants to be physically near the guru for life."i wanna take you home with me: do not ever leave me".
and even the devotee will use the image form of the guru AS being the source of this Spirit, instead of merely being the channel for its manifestation upon the earth.
so this devotee is now, if he is stuck on form....he is putting more value upon the coffee cup than the coffee within, placing more value upon the walls and furniture of a high school classroom, than of what the teacher is teaching!
----so what is a Guru to do?!!
a "real" guru will "enable" the pupil. the guru must give the power to the individual devotee, and not
be seen AS the power to be worshipped! each devotee must have the Connection to God, inside his heart---the guru is not anymore needed, the bycycle training wheels are now thrown away!
now the EMPOWERED devotee can now go back out into the world and relate with the Lord within, like of Jesus giving of the "holy Ghost" to each and every one of the Pentecostal Disciples, after pentecost, shortly after the Ressurection!
---Seems baba has been trying to wean the kittens from the mother for years! now he snarls at these kittens so that they go off in a sulk, to be able to find their own food!
or better yet: make the mother cat's body SO unappealing that no kitten in its right mind will ever come near Mama Cat ever again!!
thus baba will soon die an old man, alone, devotee-less, with NO respect from anyone...i feel! no one will morn his passing, calling baba a "lewd old man who ruined lives"!
"Love" Goodness" "truth"...have no form at all, and are Universal: they are the very properties of God.
thus even the inner picture-image of Baba. also, must Go, go away from the devotee's minds.

yes, a man handing out Fish poles to hungry people so that each of them can Fish for himself, and his work is Done when no one pays anymore attention to him!