Sunday, November 04, 2001

sorta makes me feel a bit depressed!

seems that most of the people that i would call "friends" are not anymore people that make me feel happy, when i am with them!
they either are into something that i cannot relate to, or else they are depressed or angry about life and i do not like to pick up a scorpian!

one friend yesterday spend most of his time with me talking about the "illumenetti" and the top ten families ruling mankind!
---then there are the many who seem to want to live with me! they want to have me hold their hands and tell them that their depression is "OK". to go FISH FOR them instead of having them get a pole
and fish for themselves! and the real wonderfull old souls?? why they are so creatively busy that it is actually , i consider, a sign of good spiritual health for them if they do NOT have one second even to talk to me!
thus i seem to be able to be near only the slightly and not so slightly "disfunctional"! they are not engaged in what america calls "life"!!