Monday, November 26, 2001

someone wrote: [ I recieved a letter from a lady who has a very Sensitive, Gifted, Autistic child: she gives the url for the son's paintings.]
> These drawings are from a 4 year old autistic
> child.?
here is my reply to her.

"out of the mouths of children" so they say!!

tapping the river of the collective uncounsciuosness!
reminds me of the library mural, the one in QUINCY florida where there is a mural on the wall painted by kids from the local school: it shows the trade center with two airplanes aiming for it and there are red demons on the streets, the one plane is exactly the color of the first one to hit.
this mural was PAINTED FIVE YEARS AGO!

---and all events cast shadows in advance of them; the Sensitives pick them up.

some, many, autisticnessess are due to an old old soul
occupying a brain that is too too small for it, i feel!
be like of a win98SE trying to be used on a 2 gig hard drive with 16megs of ram! ---or like several programs trying to be used at once: "illegal action code: shut down"!! thus there are too too many brain wire conflicts within memory, especially if the person, like of ME, is visual-image orientated!

I, myself, have had many dreams where i have been shown actual picture-scenes from my future, a future that lay up to 15 years away!

One of the problems with being gifted and autistic, is the problem where one become self-not-accepting, as so many people puts that autisitc person down, as he is "the nail that sticks out, the first nail to get the hammer! internalizing, as it were, the other people's Judgement of that autistic person!

How wonderfull to be a Parent of such a person, this See-er!