Monday, November 05, 2001


last nights OBE.

my dream began where i was walking along a road, that is where my awareness started. the countryside was of rolling pastured hills about 200 feet high, with plants and trees in the creeks, the valleys.
looked a bit like perhaps eastern nebraska might look: the edge of the plains. the road was "primitive dirt". But i KNEW, in my dream, that i was in Russia! somewheres in the western steppes of russia.
i was so aware of this that i pulled a golden flower off of some goldenrod-looking plants to smeel the crushed tops....yes they smelled quite like goldenrod...the fall plant of the North, but an Asian version....astrally!

i followed the road, this country road...i could see farm buldings and even a metal shed or two that was recently built.

eventually i came to a town.....eventually i met some people and was invited to come to see their home...
the home was of just two rooms, in a very small aprtment; everything was packed and jammed together
as if four people live in the space of one person. the family introduced me to the grandmother matriarch of the family and then i woke up: the dream ended. i got up and went to the bathroom.

strange. when i slept again, i awoke in my dreams to getting ready to sit down with a family for dinner.
i could see the meal begin prepared, from the pot, on the table....what looked to be potatoes and cabbage! was that russian family having me for guest for dinner!

I find this a lot in my obe-dreams. the dream ends and i wake up and go back to sleep and the dream CONTINUES!. sometimes there is missing time, like of last night. as if there was a "second me"
that is in the obe-state, apart from the "freestone-me" that is dreaming it.
well, my Higher self is the dreamer, aparently having an objective life of its own, apart from the me on earth...