Tuesday, November 27, 2001


well well well...I have Learned something Huge, yesterday.

---back in 1998, in the late winter, i had to go to the county seat to do some Disability paperwork and someone from the church drove me there. tis 30 miles each way and thus he was able to tell me of his ANGEL experiences. seems that in very "dire need times", in his life, a lady would walk up to him and tell him things about his life....and if he were to walk arounf the corner to where she walked after telling him, she would be Gone! An Angel! someone from Spirit who was able to come down in vibration to talk to him.
---a few days after that trip, i had a dream, a dream that CAUTIONED me to be aware that i would, myself, soon have such an Angel Experience and when it would occur: that i MUST be very very aware of
my surrounding envirnment.
upon awakening, it was obvious to me that if this angel were to appear to me: that trip to the county seat was also set up for me in order to PREPARE me FOR this angel-to-come!

several days pass. on one day, upon a near-daily walk out onto my "alone country road", a man stopped his pickup truck and he began to talk to me. and indeed, he told me of my life. No...he was a "real man-he did not disappear" after he drove away...but i knew even then that he was "Overshadowedly inspired" to give to me a Messege.

six months later, i nearly died and Dreamspirit told me that i could have died, but there was a delay of grace for awhile.

---now in this angel experience, all of the surrounding events near it in time, turned out to be a snynchronetic expansion of this messege.....the state of my state of my life as of 1998!

NOW, yesterday----I see His whole messege to me.
that the first few years of my life was to be a child. then there would be a small time of sickness that was a Memory of when i died, in another lifetime, long ago, when i was the same age.
the next 21 years was to take me to where my childhood home was to be gone with: that came in 1975 when my mother was killed in the auto accident and all of the property was sold.
the last 21 years completed my life-mission, in 1996-7!
--------this was told to me in febuary of 1998.

there was More!
as i nearly died yet AGAIN in the early winter of 1993---20 days in the hospital, weighing 118lbs afterwards...after i came out and spent nearly 20 months in my hometown near this hospital, recooperating...there was a grand family reunion in the late summer of 1995, then i left my hometown for a year.
----this angel told me that this period was a reflection of that 10 to 12 or so years as a child in the 1940s!
----and that the period from 1995 to 1998, when i nearly died again and left my hometown....the messege was that i would leave for good: never come back...an octave of that mother's death.
---and that from 1998 to 2001-2 I would more or less be alone, until i came to that 1982 point that symbolized my end of my life!

of course all of this "bio" means nothing to you, the reader of this! very impressive to ME, naturally, but
just sentences for you: point is....that it is Quite Possible for an Angel to appear to anyone at any time. does not even have to be a discarnated spirit materialized! can be just of someone on earth who is inspired to be there to say something to you!

yes when one admits that there is the Possibility for PROMPTERS to whisper to you, upon the stage of life, to help you in your play-production, to play your Part, the part that is called, "your life": why all sorts of possibilities will exist, of "reading between the lines" of one's dail;y experiences!!