Wednesday, November 07, 2001

i read today mr Manderville's "phoenix rising"

earthchange mailing list at do a
search on the homepage for this name.

usually he has one or two articles on it, during the
week. he is of the feeling that Edgar Cayce is right
about the pole shift and that it is to occur very very
soon, like in 2001 0r 2002! the whole crust is to
somehow move, creating terrible terrible
earthquakes..tidal waves...etc. I, myself, would have
just assumed manderville was "just" another
psychic/prophet who sees probibilities and events that
might be overwritten by spirit if we all change our
i, myself, have had a vision where i saw that crust
slide, from astral travel vision seeing from about
50,000 feet above the earth! THEN, the next day, that
very morning after the dream, i came across mr
manderville's site by "accident"!!!
here is a copy of that vision!

hello Mr Manderville....hello any others.

can i visualize the crust moving??
I HAVE!! I have even before i came
across manderville's
a vision!!

! have already IN a vision dream,
visioned the crustal movement and
THEN on the next day i came across
manderville's site and information
thus my vision WAS of crustal

dream begins......

I am dreaming. the dream begins
where I am lying on my back on my
childhood bed, back in my 1950
childhood home in upstate New York.
many of my Out Of Body visions BEGIN
from this vantage point.
while on my back, i am watching the
plaster ceiling. but i see NOT
the ceiling, i am seeing something
utterly utterly strange!
I am seeing what looks like a topdown
view of a like of a crust of
paint that has hardened upon a bucket
or pail of water, begin to move!
my vantage point would be maybe three
inches above a bucket of paint
or three miles above an ocean. the
crustlike stuff moves in JERKS!
jerks like of a bad bug in a computer
game where the video is jerky.
move. stop. move. stop. move. stop.
each jerk is about one second
long. Thus all of the ceiling's worth
of this material slowly
jerk-slides away to one side, all of
it moving in the same direction,
continuiously. not one motion of it
was "smooth" jerks, spasams,
did it move.
Too...the material looks like it is
"rough". really what it looked
like is an air photo of desert
mountains from about 100,000 feet up!
there was just enough "altitiude
variations" to call this surface
"rough"! thus all of this stuff
seemed to move jerkedly, but
coherently, in one piece, like of a
jerkingly moved rug, across a
suddenly a dark blackness, as if
the very blackness had a substance,
formed just over my head and began to
descend upon my head on the
i moved quickly, to avoid this what
looked like a 'black as death"
cloud of ink blackness! utterly
dark! black AS death, like it WERE

dream ends.....I wake up!

I wonder IF this darkness meant that
death would be the rule for many
of the people involved with this
crustal Movement?!

the next day, i came across
manderville's wonderfull article on his
site...i NEVER heard of manderville
or his writings before this.

usually, but not 100%...maybe
90%...whenever i dream of something that
appears in that day ahead...this
means that whatever it TRUE
from the vantagepoint of Spirit!!

so there. i can and HAVE visualized
the Crustal Shift....thank you!!

end of vision


when the runners come down the marathon road to the
white tape at the finish line and one runner gets
there first, that event of the tape breaking is a
marker, a marker for when the race is over. the
starting gun, way back ten miles and half an hour ago,
is also a marker, a marker for the beginning of that
but these markers do not indicate much about what KIND
of race this is and was! they are markers for the
beginning and the end.

just like two doors in a room: one enters and then
leaves, awalking through.
plant a seed and the harvest.
---a more extreme example of this: two dots six feet
apart. one dot is the *very* end of a snake's tail:
the other dot is the *very* end of the nose of this
snake. a six foot big snake.

thus i feel the wtc is a marker for us all, in some
way. the marker of the END of some Process of spirit.
SO....since the wtc is only a "dot that is the snake's
tail"...the actual crashing of the plane and even the
ben Labin and his terrorist group, has nothing to do
with what occurred during the time "Before"
the wtc crash!! in other words....the wtc was
symbolic, somehow, of some greater Something, and its
burning ruining was only a marker that this process is
now over.
there might be nothing connecting ben laben with the
"body of the snake, or the "marithon run"! Some Great
Work, of Spirit, has now been accomplished; may have
little to do with the crash!
finished when the wtc went down.
-----which COULD mean that NOW the earthchanges can
begin in earnest! the "angels of protection" may step
back, as now the unknown spiritual work is over: work
which would have been stopped in mid-process if the
earthchanges had interrupted it!
maybe..if that earthchanges is part of the Plan of
Spirit for us all! if not part of that "plan", then
no changes will occur. but if SO...then i would
expect that before sept 11 of 2002, after a bit of
"rest"....there could be the beginnings of some real
great Changes...more
we will soon find out!

----i wonder what that "snake" or "run" was, that the
wtc was a end-marker for?!!