Saturday, November 03, 2001

I met an old friend yesterday at the Black Dog coffee house.
[strange strange place, this shop: why this hip/cool coffee shop is in the American legion hall!
everyone gets along fine: the ww II vets and the Vietnam vets, who have a place next door...why they sit with the college professor liberal and Dialogue!]

he was consumed by an Idea from several books that he read, spent near all of the time that i had, and surely he could talk on it for hours and hours.......his idea?
-----that most of the world has been manipulated by the Cabal...the rockefellers...the mellions....the Families at the top where presidents are chosen and that ben Laben was a top CIA employee when Russia was in Afganistan!! the Puppet masters who control the world!

i found his rant depressing!
i do not want to believe that he is right: IF he is...the media is 101% misleading and we all are Peasents!
there is no way that i can reality test what he says.......

but suppose he is right?
would it help if somehow they could be removed, this "illuminetti" bunch?
NO! i feel not, as there are 100 more families waiting in the wings to fill the empty shoes, and yet more behind them...."sharks teeth"..layers and layers deep!

problem is...that as long as the world Values above all....Materialism...power...influence...manipulation:
as long as death is seen AS the end, then the toys you own and the power you wield...count for all!
there is more!
this is a "young soul" world. i read that the average age of souls in the world is about "baby-young"!
that means the "redneck in his pickup truck with that can of beer in his hands....why he is ahead of the median of the bell Curve, of the average ages of souls upon this planet.
in young soul world...the interests ARE in materialisms and powers and influences....
thus one cannot expect 3rd graders to know Calculus, let alone Algebra!
thus....these illunminetti are
ENEVITABLE! they must be there, as part of the soul-growths of some people.

"us" old souls are like "emergent trees" in the rainforest: heads and shoulders higher in soul-age, than the rest of the trees!
in the Forest, the emergant trees scatter their seeds out to the whole forest. thus "us" old souls have a chance to Influence all of the younger souls around us, in Evolvement, as we all are "7th graders in 3rd grade"!