Saturday, November 10, 2001

end of the world?!


-----I had a *very* interesting experience yesterday!
I was walking across the huge mall parking lot, empty of cars, so nice and quiet, the open sky is so nice....and i was pondering several dreams and experiences at once.
----my deceased friend's Coming to me to tell me, about three months ago,"DF 2005"! that is all he said to me.

"DF" in "hard drive failure"! was he warning me of my death, or was he warning me of Something Else, as when he was alive, there was a time when he was slightly obsessed with the earthchanges/end times!!
the hard Drive that Spins...the earth! [there was a tie with "hard drive"...the association is too too long for this here post!]
-----that 19 year cycle of mine where first there is a "burning" then three years later there is a Greater
Death! [like my sister's loss of house then three years later she dies...1982-1986!
now it is 2001, and the wtc towers burn.

I heard a voice in my head!
it said...."three years: end times---three years to get ready"!!!
as my sister lost her house about october 10 and she died three years and five months[march] later
my forest ranger school burned in october of 1963 and in march of 1967 that was a "death event" with me....
i might assume that Spirit's assumption is that in late 2004 to spring of 2005: Something Could happen, collectively, with the earth upheavaling!

I walked into the cafeteria, in that mall. as i sat down to eat, the two ladies sitting at the next table: one of the ladies told the other lady...."2 to 3 years....must get ready"!!
Tis the very first thing she said!
Omenious!! a synchronism!

Somehow, i Sensed, that now i have a Choice! a decision that i must make, a choice that has it where MOST of the reality lies in the spirit world and just HOW can i make this choice?!!

ask the lord to have me keep that possible Appointment in heaven, in 2002, so that i can become a Worker for the Angels of Preparations: to help set up the healing centers for the thousands and thousands[millions?!] of souls that might come to heaven all at once, if this messege is true, and help these souls Adjust to heaven, as they would have come so quick and unprepared!
ask the lord for to remain here until the End, and to come with the rest of the incoming souls, as there are plenty of angels and archangels there already: plus that i may NEED that three years, for my own growth, OR to be an aid to others!
[example of aid to others that having me on earth is CRITICAL for....where i go out of body, at night, to be of Service to help earthbound souls ascend from the next-to-earth spirit plane, being "earthbound", to be able to go to a higher "real" heaven. my being in the spirit world AND being of the earth, makes me a bridge, a go-between, for these souls to be able to Ascend with the Angels. these earthbound souls can see me better than they can see these angels near them, as i am of earth, and as i would be "enfranchised" by these rescue-angels, then these lost souls can now see the Angels!]
[i hope to write-up an Amazing such rescue mission soon here!!]

that rescue OBE work is QUITE reason enough for me to remain here till the very very last second of the earth's "time"!

I Feel that i will go with that choice!
to Ask the Lord for Support and Guidance...and remain here. Even if i have to go through the very same healing center, after i arrive, there in heaven, in 2005, as a "patient"....and spend umpteen "months" of heaven-time *as* a patient----tis Worth It, as there would be Souls that ascend to heaven, from the earthbound-state, via my Service to Spirit....that could not be reached by any other means!

so perhaps , in a few months, "that" truck that was suppossed to run the stop sign and Take me Out to the afterlife, sometime in early 2002: perhaps spirit will give to this truck a motor-stall, so that the driver sits at a previous traffic light, stalled, so that my Appointment is missed: i will never know it, as this truck sits stalled ten blocks back!
maybe, after hundreds of OBE rescue missions....sometime in 2005, a tidal wave will come up over the horizen and bring me home, along with 10,000 the healing Center.