Sunday, November 11, 2001


well i went back to my dream dirary to re-read my friend's dream.

my friend called "Sam". he graduated with me from high school in 1960---a childhood friend and a friend of many years. we two had long talks during the 60s..70s, untill he became so busy with his farm and i basicly left that areaof the country and when i lived there in the 90s, sam had 800 acres and not a moment to talk!
Once i dreamed of him flying through the air with a "hat" made up of a hawk, as if the hawk was on top of his head, a hawk headress, hawks' head was at Sam's third eye: i read later that this IS what the native Americans see if the see a SHAMAN out of his body, as they dream and see in their dreams this shaman.
Sam was a shaman in a past life: he even looked Indian, utterly, even if there was no indian blood in his family!
Sam is QUITE capible, thusly, of visiting me on earth, in my dreams!

he died in 1999.
about the time he died, i had a vision dream of my own where Sam came to see me to tell me that heaven is amazing and that even i did not know how amazing it was and that ten years go by in heaven to one year of earth time!

then there was that sam dream where he came to me to tell me that his NAME had changed, now, up there. it was something like"Angle". "angel", probably!

---then there is that dream of april of this spring, the dream i want to write up here. was very short, this dream.
Dream: Sam cme to me, i could see him. he looked about 25 years old, now, with all his hair. but is was Sam. he told me just one thing and he told me it over and over and over, i could too see what he said printed out, below him. must be he really really wanted me to have this messege burned into my brain!
"DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005
DF 2005 DF 2005 DF 2005
----i kid you not, seem like *that* many times it was repeated! then Sam left, the dream was over.

later that day, i came across an article in a computer mag that had a headline...."Drive Failure"?
did this "DF" mean "hard drive failure" of some sort, like of earthchanges??
the earth does spin like a hard drive!

there is another meaning, in light of my inspiration of yesterday about those "3 years to get ready"
sometimes a date is written "2005 AD" or "AD 2005"
probably the simplist answer is the right one...
D as in death.
F as in Freestone, my name!

death of freestone---2005 ------ DF 2005.

Sam WOULD do that, be capable of that, finding it and coming to tell me of it!! i believe that.
so the good news, i will not die right soon. but three years? whether of individual death or of earthchanges.....three years. I would believe Sam, MORE than most of the prophets/psychics
that i know!! here was an old soul who wanted to live alone on his farm, not being able to deal with the white man's cities and people would come to see him so much that he never could repair his farm machinery until 10 at night and that these people would DUMP all of their pains pains onto him!
a kind of healer maybe. he could feel their aura immediately as they came....most people he did not like as their aura was SO disturbed!! i would even call him a "teacher" of mine...being more the sensitive than most if not all, of the "new age psychics" that i know or read about!!

Sam must have been in heave "15 years" when he gave to me that dream!