Friday, November 16, 2001

been amazed at my dreams of the last few days!

Heaven scenes!

problem is....i cannot recall the thread of these dreams: thus there is no article about the meanings of them!
-----i seem to go to places nightly, and see certain people and do things with them, in scenery that would make one's eye pop open in amazement. i fly or float over countrysides, alone or with others....

I recall what someone spoke out loud, as if it were a "teaching statement", however....

"We all will become Gods, soon: but first each of us must learn of what it is to be a live in the flesh, on earth AS a man"
----not the exact quote, unfortunately: but there is a feeling, to me, as i heard this spoke, in a room, to a group of very very old that some spirits, after death, can *only* go to live in the Spirit afterlife world, unless they have been IMPRINTED, in their souls, by a God! then they can move up to the God-worlds, eventually, to live. thus these God-imprinted souls are "Gods-in-training", an will soon become Gods, each of them.
difficult for a spirit, after death, to become God-enfused, in the spirit world: they, i guess, have to incarnate AS a human being, on earth, then they can become God-enfused, God-imprinted, here.
probably by a Guru, or a in "temple intitiation".
Or joining of a group that is of a Magik or Spirit-enfused path!

but as Gods in trainings, that advice that i heard, probably refers to living as a human being, right now, on the earth, to enjoy life, the beauty through the senses, and the flesh!