Friday, November 30, 2001

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Link and Think is "an observance of World
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Weblogs', the project involves hundreds of
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I had back in 1993, an interestring experience. I was in the hospital for EMPYMA...20 days. they sucked out 9 pounds of crud from my lungs, i weighed 118 lbs when i left. they gave me a private room!
i learned later this room was the "isolation room"!! they did not know what i had...turned out to be "just" pnemonia", not TB or HIV! [pnemonia still is one of the great killers of people over 50!].
there was a twin isolation room, next door. As i lay on my bed, in my sick-daze, i could hear yelling and cursing and screaming from that room next door! A few days later, i began to come around a bit and i asked the nuses about this raging patient next door. they all seemed to be in a state of denial over him!
they did not want to talk about it! they hinted that he had AIDS.
[this hospital was in Ithaca new york, the home of Cornell university....mainline new york city!]
Later, upon more questions, i learned that it was not so much AIDS that they were hushed up over, it was that this guy was raging and being so so obnoxious over that fact that he was young and that he was going to die *very* soon! He did not want to die!
I lay there....i tried to imagine what was going on in his head..I imagined that he thought that death comes to old people and that he was only 25! He sounded like a New york city man, a man who was somewhat cynical and very intelligent and had a "leftist" political slant. there is no Christmas or jesus for him: ya git a snort of derision if ya mention the Bible to him, a year ago!
"going down hard"
that is the expression that was once used at the death chamber as the warden's executioners strapped a death row inmate to the electric chair and he fought every inch of the way!
Going Down Hard.
not sick enough to be "out of it", he was...aware that his life was measured in DAYS, or weeks: no exit but death!

A few days later....there was silence. by then i was able to take walks and one day i peered into his open door, only to see that the hospital people were cleaning out his room:
Mr DEATH had come During Visiting hours, to a-see him!

------On my freestonefiles site
there is an article in the "world trade center" folder, by Dr Atwood. he witnessed, in a out of body dream, many of the souls from the trade center, rise up to heaven, after they died: i quote this small extract...
>>>Thursday morning the soul wave was fully formed, each soul totally conscious and possessed of knowing. The sound
they made, their tonal vibration, was one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. Music, the music of a great
love, the love of those willing to die for the benefit of others, overwhelmed me. Before I could think, the wave and I
merged. What I saw, felt, knew, and witnessed in that wave transcended my childhood memories.

This is what the wave revealed. Each person who died, regardless of who, victim or perpetrator, had agreed before
birth to be part of this event to be there at that location at that time as that person. They had not "contracted" as souls
to die, necessarily, but to be present and accounted for, to be part of the energy that would ensure this event occurred.
It was only as the moment neared that final decisions were made. A wake-up call was needed, one horrendous enough
to reverberate across our country and the globe, affecting every man, woman, and child and in every nation.>>>>

I have read,. over and over, through the years: spirit Guides comments through Mediums, about how many many souls contract their date date long before they incarnate on earth! And by no means do they always set up, or have set up for them by masters...a long-life death date!! many only wish to be on earth for ten years...20 years....or even only for six months! Thus, for many reasons, souls have it set up where they
die at a young age.

About 15 years ago, i read a *very* impressive Guide's account of this: i cannot hope to repeat his statements exactly.....but here is what i think he said....[this was written in about 1954]
"You would be amazed at the Spirit planning that goes on behind the scenes of an airplane crash where, say, 200 people die! First off, Spirit sets up the airplane to actually crash. only THEN is the passengar manifest set up, from the spirit side! The Angels and guides then go about to find souls on earth who NEED to die! Souls who have Contracted with spirit before birth, or even at a later date, while they are on earth, uncounsciously, to die; they need an "actualizing mechanism" for this, to make them die!
so the passenger list is set up. some of the passengers may only be 15 years old...some may be 25...but they all have in common, a Pre-made with spirit, Obligation to die, by their own free will choice BEFORE they were born. [now of course, they might see this as a "fated act", but the free will choice was made in spirit before birth!]
Takes time for the manifest to be set for 200 people. by then, as the list is finished, these souls are then inspired to take a plane trip! There on THAT plane at THAT flight! of course, a few of these passengers may have, by some change of Spirit-plans or of a change of extension may be made for their lives....this is WHY some of the passengers may have a Warning dream not to take this flight...or maybe to have a flat tire on the way to the airport so that they miss the flight!
The flight takes off: 200 people keep their appointments with Spirit.
[this Guide continues...]
there is a problem, though, with the post war II modern times! [channeled in about 1949...1952]
modern science cures so many diseases and makes air travel so safe...that souls who need to die at a young age have problems meeting their Obligations!!
Thus Spirit must constantly create NEW DISEASES so that souls who need to die at a young age, can keep their Soul-Promises!!

for me, this is the Truth about AIDS! Aids is really a kind of "conspiricy" all right: but set up by God and the Archangel spirit planners, so that souls who need to die young, can do so!
a created epedemic, counsciously made.....

Now i can see my next door Aids patient in that light! probably, as he was "out of touch" with his spiritual life, he assumed that he would live to be old. probably denied death completely, actually!
Here was a intelligent man who probably "put down" all the local upstate new york farmers as being "rednecks", for being narrow minded: but often the college professors are the most rednecky of all!
forgetting his soul agreements, in life, probably, as well as in death! He forgets that he Contracted to die at a young age!
self-centered.....obnoxious.....not feeling for other people's realities......that is my guess for him!
[when i got out of the hospital, i saw later a faded bumper sticker on a Ithaca car...
-----as if christmas carols were the most utterly obnoxious thing going!]

this poor guy! there may have been no spirit life for him at all! the local Wicca circles he looked down on as being "delusional states", the Native American paths lead to repressions, the Tibetian monestary that just opened, in Ithaca, is yet more of the same.....
""sow your oats": the Credo of a young college man....we all were there once!
But not all of us Contracted to die at a young age! This poor guy Got His Wake-up Call!

So now he was in heaven, Unprepared!
Imagine putting a *very* complicated computer Role playing game CD into your computer and installing "Daggerfall"...Baldur's Gate II"...or Wizardy VII: and there you are, at the opening screen of the game, but WITHOUT a manual, without even the keyboard commands sheet, clueless!!
entering heaven without "prep" warmup, no clue...
But then his Guides would help him, the angels would be there for him..........
Too bad that he could not have Learned a bit, beforehand, about the Country that he would be going to live in, for a thousand years and more, while alive here on earth! One really OUGHT to read about the "Japan" country and its people's customs, before you move there: one should be familar with the Game manual before playing!