Tuesday, November 20, 2001


Yet ANOTHER of these here "death-to-come" dreams!!

this one began where i awoke to the dream where i was standing in a building looking out of a window onto a grassy lawn, a lawn that was behind my old Interlaken High School.
there was a post driven into the ground, behind it, a bit, was the school.

suddenly, on the ground next to this post, there appeared...materialized....a four foot square signboard
with printed writing on it. this writing i only now vaguely recall, as i did not recall it in the dream-memory so well....but the gist of what was printed onto it, in Big Black Letters, was:

"Freestone's [my] life has concluded: now it is time to die, the life-mission being finished: die very very soon"!!

I could see "denial" at work: as if i really did NOT want to read or to accept the messege on this sign!
I turned to someone in the room to have him read that board, but he tells me that he can see nothing at all except that post and the grass: to him the board is invisible...tis only for me to read!
BASICLY---this signboard was stating to me that my life was finished, no more to do, time now to die...and to die very very soon, in time!

[the school has appeared in many of my dreams over the years. it is my own "school of life", my life *as* a school for learning, in this high school called "the earthly incarnation of Freestone wilson".
thus any dream that has to do with this school, has to do with my life and its progressions.]

["looking out of a window onto the lawn"....looking out of myself into something OBJECTIVE...not from my own imagination, but something given to me from outside of just my own ego/personal subcounsciousness!]

[the signboard??.....lying on the ground...the ground of "basic foundations". but WHO gave it?!
---my soul?
---Guides? Higher Self?
just because a messege appears from spirit, does not make it True! Messeges must come from Spirit, not spirit-only: "helpfull" spirits may not see the whole picture, of an event, thus their counsul may be flawed, even if they mean well!]

If this messege is True and Real: then the "i am to go to heaven very very soon"...is "ON"!!
no extensions.....no further graces of Time"

so if anyone out there reads this: i say to them...."stay tuned"! I may have six months....nine months...
but hey!
there IS no death! there is only a move to another place and to another Role, another job!
i will NOT dwell upon this "morbidly"...i will try even the harder to let go of "earthly negativities" and to reach out for more creative stuff!

---but there IS lots of ponderings, after that dream. folks!!!

several years ago, there was yet ANOTHER "interlaken high school" dream that pertains to my death: i went yesterday to my dream journal to re-read it.
in this dream, i actually stood on a dock or pier, standing over the water, the water of the "river Jorden"...the Other Side was obscured in fog....
I leaped up into the air, from the very end of this dock, and yelled out that my life was finished and that I had accomplihed very very well what i incarnated for, and that now i Go Across to heaven.

then i next recall that i am standing upon the heaven-shore: next scene *is* inside of this high school building! some counselor tells me that i am to have a certain room to live in, with a certain number on the door.
[number means something meaningfull only to me...it is a total of several numbers, ONE is my currant age of 60! thus this number can not have "61" as one of its parts, in this sum-total!]
I am told, by this counselor, that i am to have this room *because* of my earthly life. i am NOT told what lies within, or what karma/dharma is to go with this room.

anyway....long enough for today.....i will NOT lack for things to Pray and to meditate upon, in the days...weeks..months, ahead. I now look at that SOLAR ECLIPSE on June 10/2002 with Wonder, as it is oppossed Pluto and the North Node right ON my ascendant! only a couple of weeks from my 61st birthday! so i hope to keep writing what occurs, in the months ahead......