Wednesday, November 14, 2001

ah yet more mess for New York City!!
One would think that this air plane crash would be the very last thing that they needed there! anywhere but there.

makes me "suspicious"! suspicious that Spirit has a hand in this, that there is some "spiritual" reason
why this had occurred. tis near the "11th"!

----i wonder.....
there was a certain city that i often drove through over the 40 years of driving from florida to new york and back. One day, in that city i had a car accident.
THEN from then on, each and everytime that i drove even NEAR this city, my car would break down or my tire would go flat....or something would occur with my car!
i eventually gave up driving through this city!

once something occurrs, there seems to be a kind of "memory" there. like the time-dimensional "anniversery date" phenomina! persistance of memory. I once quit a very distastefull janitor job, after 9 months of "hell"! i processed out of the office and then went to a donut shop to recuperate, after my final searational interview and paperwork was all done with: a free man now! i sat down for coffee and just then a guy walked in who i had sometimes seen there. he walked up and offered me a job!
you guessed CORRECTLY!!....he offered me a janitor job! he had no idea that i had just quit!

of course....the "bouncing basketball keeps bouncing, even after you stop dribbling it!"
persistence of momentum, fueled, perhaps, by the vibes in the air, over new york.

since "things occur in threes"....i would predict that yet another such event will occur there, in a month or three!