Tuesday, October 23, 2001

well my aunt is not happy with me at all!
seems i "stood between the mama bear and her Cub"!
I wrote to her letters telling her what i thought about her daughter and her husband, ala the "bad divorce"! AND....mentioned to her husband/ex how maybe she had many "low spirits" around her that influenced her onwards to have more trouble and how maybe some of these spirits use her to drain life-force from husband and others around her. real life Vampires!

the static from the born-in-1925 aunt...comes from how she is a Real Devout Christian, in part.
"no talk of demons and the occult"!

but there is a much DEEPER problem!!
---she comes from the "i grew up in the great depression and the defense industry times of WW II and the years of 1940s" time periods!
then, you were supposed to
--as a healthy way to keep peace in the family, the town, the nation. we all were Fasists/nazi's then as the state/community/family came BEFORE the individual, in importance! the self came last, one's wants came last. thus anything disturbing was immediately boxed up and put way, with the key tossed out!
how ELSE were ya to live when you worked dawn to dusk seven days a week to keep food on the table for your five kids?! "self actualization" WAS to die of old age burn-out, at 50 years of age, after seeing your kids off to a better life!
so today, these elders are like of people, i see: as if in the football Game of Life, they tossed the football of retirement up into the air at an early age, repressing and denying all urges to Dance, for the sake of everyone around them, putting their Dancing shoes up into the attic in boxes sealed, and went off to Work, as they began to run down the field from the 10 yard line. then 40+ years later, not only did they find that the ball, upon coming back down, at the 80 yard line, at the near-end of the Game, after that Great Pass....to find that this ball is now DEFLATED...they all found that the Coach Changed all the Game Rules, in the middle of the Play!! NOW it is OK to Dance!
Final Insult: they are paying for all the welfare people to dance the dance that they could not, as these welfare people are not working dawn to dusk, collecting welfare instead from the government---money that came out of THEIR pockets while they worked so hard.....they are dancing with their money!

no wonder SO many of the older generation likes that movie that is seen at every christmass...."It is a wonderfull life"
the real town that inspired this movie...Seneca Falls, new York, i read is in a great depression now, the near last industry has sold out as it is SO much cheaper to weave socks in central america...and the local rock station plays satanic music!

tis older generation now has to deal with so so so much change. the internet scares them...what they really want seems to be someone that they believe in, to tell them what to do and what to think!
just LOOK at a "average" 70 year old woman in a cafeteria trying to order food! she is utterly at sea without compass rudder or even a wheel! she "needs" some outer authourity to tell her what is good to eat, someone that she trusts. then let him or her dictate the foodchoices.

in the 1930s, if you had to live alone and to cook your own meals, that MEANT that you were not loved.
better to marry the town alcoholic, than no one, if that man were the only single man in town....if you were a woman.
better to work in the town LEAD refinery for life, if that were the only job around, even if you die of lead poisoning at 30...if your were a man!
the self-help book for 1948??
"the psychology of adjustment" of course: you adapted to THEM, you corrected yourself to become like everyone else. in that caferteria line, above: that little old lady IS greatly disturbed that you, behind her, are wearing Levi's! that affronts her very core belief system! undercuts HER! reduces her as a person.

my sister in the 1962 woman's Dorm: she had an IQ of 140. got her degree in three years. lived in the dorm. she never went to the 4pm "manditory" tea where the dorm mother and all the residents were to gather for tea and Schooling in "southern woman deportment". she had no use for such stuff.
For years there was a Black mark on her job records. she eventually found it out, after the freedom of information act came out: the dorm mother wrote her up for "a bad social attitude"!
in 1945...1955...even 1965, my sister cut THE Most important class of the whole southern college Experience!! the One Real class, she skipped! why? because most if not all the girls came to college in order to get married, and southern Deportment and bearing and How to have social graces....why that course was to help you attract a man! so if "1962" was still around today: my sister would have been an utter life-failure!

---and the Spiritual Irony is: that all of this self-denial generation made it possible for us all "new agers" to have a freer life!
why even a group of Wicca-people, in some Coven ceremony Circle, today; why the incense, clothes and candles may yet be made by some third world people who adhere to these 1950 values!
why even a new ager may owe all of their "dancings" to either some past's 1950 way of life----or to someone who lives that way today! someone has to make the books, Mexicanly harvest the food, make the cars.....etc..etc.