Thursday, October 18, 2001

took a nap yesterday and i heard a voice speak.

it said, more or less......
"you are in error about your death"!!

a voice.
a spirit speaks, as i read that often spirits speak as the person goes in and out of sleep.
a voice.
is the speaker telling the truth and does he even know what my Greater Life's Missions are, even if he means well?!
---and what does he say?

---that i am not to die soon?
---that i will die sooner?
---that i will live for years: forget about my Spirit-given Dreams of Great Import?
---or of some other unknown-to-me future that is so strange that i can not even concieve of of when i cross the mall parking lot a UFO will swoop down and bodily lift me off the tarmac and abduct me to their home planet for the rest of my physical life?!
naturally this chance of alien-abduction is about of a .000000000000000000000001% chance!

but in these strange times...who would have thought of RealVirus Mail, and Airplanes-AS-Bombs; six months ago?!!

I like that saying: "sign the peace treaty but keep your gunpowder dry and safely in storage"!
there will always be a "tomorrow" whether on this world or in the next: life is ongoing, so do not consider death as even being there!
so my Prayer to Spirit, this morning, is....

"Please, Spirit, If i am to die soon....please help me to get ready: and if I am not to anytime soon, due to Your Overwriting the Book-of-my-life, I Trust that you will provide a future for me....something for me to happily, creatively, do, as i continue to live here upon the earth".

----not much else i can do except to watch my dreams and read between the lines of my daily life to see if their are any SYCHNCRONISMS or SIGNS that are interlaced within my daily acts of livings, given by Spirit.

that is a whole rap in of itself: another post!
just like a painting or a mural can have "stuff" put in it that the painter did not intend to put there, due to the inspirational activities of Guides and Spirit, so that there are hidden messeges embedded within it: one's life has these embedded messeges too!