Friday, October 19, 2001

there is a metaphor for a topic that i wrote of the other day, a metaphor that i wish to place here....on the topic of
"Some Wicca people feel that their wicca is modern, made up of new material and thus not connected to the 'old tradition'. this bothers them as they want the connections to the old ways to be real"!

a torando crosses a kansas field, for miles and miles, the Huge thunderstorm cloud above it must be surely 60,000 feet tall. the Tornado lifts, the funnel lifts off of the ground maybe several hundred feet, and spares the ground and maybe a barn from the winds. then a few miles further along, this funnel re-descends back to the ground and it continues its many mile journey across the Kansas fields.

---this is the metaphor that i have for this: the cloud is the tradition of the old shamanistic/Wicca/pagan
ways, of the pre-christian cultures, that exists in the world of Spirit. tis made up of the souls of the departed practitioners and belivers, of course. Then there are the Temples and the halls of Wisdom and Learning.
eternal: as long as there are Souls who follow the Way, these buildings, schools, temples....will be there.
Been there. maybe five thousand-plus years, of earthtime.

naturally, the "mere" removal of the earthly practicing of this tradition, does nothing to weaken the existance of the afterlife realms. Eventually, some of the souls of this realm re-incarnate to places where without the Tradition being actively practiced, and They Long for a vague "something"!
Then, the realm's Guides help set up the Way, again on the earth for them: it may be called by any name, and even be called "new" of the modern "wicca": but the roots ARE there and the roots stem from heaven...
The "tornado" retouches the ground: the re-connection is made again.
Names may be different: but the Guides may well be the very same guides as before.... the Knowledge is the same, as it comes from the same place as before.