Thursday, October 04, 2001

That was an Interesting submission to me, about the WTC!
[my aquaintance e-mails to me every channeled article about the wtc that she can find]
buried in this today's article was where the Guide speaks, through his medium, about a Hopi Indian prophecy, where when two stone towers that stand right next to each other...touch or fall together, the BEGINNING of the earthchanges and end times will have now begun!!
[this is in my file...the link to the left....]

Interesting! I never have heard of this Hopi prophecy. my Aquaintance tells me that this Guide
has a Hopi background, as well as the medium having a great interest in Hopi life.

there are 111 days between the event and the end of the year. my take on this is that those 111 days is a kind of "test" or grace period, where we all have our last chances to finish up our lives....make amends, sing our swan songs...learn to love and to forgive...let go or grab onto: depending upon one's Life Path!...and to Get Right With Spirit! Some of us will Go Home to visit the relatives and Reclaim their past. others will finish up the Doctor's Dissertation. Some people will become family centered. Others, yet, will Take Stock of their lives.

Too, how we all collectively handle this period of Mourning, how we all deal with the wtc and the political/war aftermath, during these 111 days: how we all handle it all will maybe affect just how and "how bad" the "earthchanges will be, in the months and years ahead!

read: "a test", as well as a "grace period"!!

I have seen many many auto accidents here in Tallahassee, during the last few days: probably the full harvest moon has something to do with it, but golly, the stress Level of all of us is SO high these days. it is as if we all are riding a surfboard atop of a six-foot wave, the wave being the WTC, where we all are six feet more into Stress, than we all we before this event!!
Probably 50 volcanoes will NOT go off on January 2nd of 2002, folks....but if my intuition is aright: from that time onwards, things will begin to REALLY get wierd and the politics and the geology, after early 2002!