Friday, October 19, 2001

so many rings, so many groups of people Connecting!

so little time to go to read them all!! seems i am so busy getting my site going that i have not read as many as i would like to!

I have now about ten accounts from other people who either channeled material about the trade center or else went out of body/soul travel to do something with the nearly arrived into the afterlife victims!
[see my link to my files to the left of this page]

I am also gathering channeled or Seen accounts of Coming Earthchanges, from other people, and placing them into my folder......accounts of Claivoyant Seeings into our Future.

have you any experiences of your own?!
i direct this question to anyone who comes here to read my weblog. if you would like to share them with
others by submitting them to me for consideration to place in the file.....please DO!