Wednesday, October 10, 2001

reply from the guy who has the bad divorce with aunt's daughter. divorce still pending...
he calls her an utterly evil person.

reminds me.
that lady on the bus last year, i rode near her near every morning for maybe six months, five miles of a trip each day. usually she was sitting with her friend and spending the whole of the five miles bitching about her EX and her daughter with the visiting rights and all of that. divorce was maybe four years ago, but they really cannot separate; the Girl glues them together like two enimies falling with parachutes from 80,000 feet where they get stuck together as they fall, a-kicking and squalling at each other!
To hear her speak, they are much much closer together in HATE than they ever were in love!

I am beginning to see now how terrible this is...why i betcha that for every one person who shoots his/her "ex", there are 100 who could if they only could get through the "resistance fear"!!

took 800 years for the scotish clan wars to burn out....i read!

I can read that this guy has lots and lots of anger between his lines: MUCH anger. Justified?
no way to tell, i am 1200 miles away! takes two to tango, they say...

they only way out of these divorce-snits, probably, is to rise above them, in that there must be some Vantage-point where they whole picture can be seen and sensed, including the past life relations of the couple in question. i am not a divorce counselor: but i would imagine that it would be very very hard to counsul a couple without Spirit being part of the picture!

reminds me of a 1970 hometown minister and his church! 1st baptist church of Interlaken. beloved rev Black. eventually he attended a junior college where he took counseling courses. soon, he told a couple to "go ahead and get their divorce". that church kicked him out SO fast!! then they got a minister that
"ben Labined" everyone, to everyone's relief: no dancing, no card playing, no dice games, no movies, no tv.!
I do not DO church, myself. not only is the air in the room so full of perfume and colognes, for my damaged lungs to handle, why i am
a "free radical" of a molocule!! that a single atom of oxygen, that wants to oxidize with any other molocule.
i am single. dangerious to have a single man in church! that is like putting a second rooster into a ten-chicken, one-rooster, henhouse!!! all those cobbled-together-by-jesus marrages...are so THAT unstable that any singleman who attends, he will upset everyone so! that is why i often, in the past, when i attended church; i felt like the congregation was like of a fat person sitting on a trap door into the celler basement, a-holding that door shut with his weight, as all the "stuff" below that is so repressed, fights to rise up through the door!

Jesus-as-SealPaint! ---that sealer compound that is put on a surface, like tar on a driveway, to seal the cracks and gloss over the imperfections so that, while they are still there, no one else can see them and the owner can put them out of mind.
---no WONDER jesus gets a "puke-reaction" from so so so many people when i mention his name!
they have been very well burned, in some church, when younger! i blame them not: the Church has utterly lost connections with several modern generations now, i feel. nothing to offer them but a list of "no no no no"! somewhere under all that, there is a Real Jesus, but that reminds me of my rural ny high school friend getting ready to paint a doorframe in his 130 year old farmhose: was interesting to look at where he dug into the old paint on the doorframe....there was layers and layers of old paint, maybe 40 to 50 in all, one could do a "archological dig" through these layers to see what kind of paint was used back in 1890...1867! somewhere the real WOOD would appear, when he scraped long enough.
thus there is SO much layer of "church" over jesus, that He is hard to find!