Saturday, October 06, 2001

oh what kids can do!!

article in the Tallahassee Democrat this am.
next door county seat town has a library building and there is a MURAL painted in the children's
section. this here mural shows the trade center with THE airplane about to hit one of the towers and there are people jumping out of windows and falling out of windows and there is a "red Devil with a pitchfork"
standing somewhere near by on the ground.



this has caused a small commotion in the community of Quincy, florida!

my take?
this county has one of the highest concentatration of blacks in florida if not the south. this, i say this, is because the "balck race' is more "spiritual" in the old time religion sense. especially in things of the uncounscious stuff....
they would have something like of this: in the deep deep south, a group of school kids pick up on a shadow that casts backwards, in time, from an Event that is cast "in concrete", in Spirit, long long before this country was ever 1776 started, i feel: this wtc would be one of the national 'cirriculum setpoints" of our collective experiences.
yes, this event surely will be found to be in many murals and sayings of children...why there was that story about the boy in Texas that TOLD everyone, a week before, that this would happen.

mystery mystery....
oh life is so mysterious. i wish more people would sense that, as i walk amoungst the walking wounded: hell on earth is a mall food court at 3 PM!!! there are always several men who sit around who are depressed depressed! i wish i could say something to these people: they would not understand, and i could be dragged down with the drowning person!
ah well, i pray......