Monday, October 22, 2001

monday morning. Time to not ponder whether My Dreams of "death-by-next-year" will be overwrit or not by Spirit!
life IS! i live here. i live there, in the afterlife, after i die here. all is life.
thus it matters not, i will always live.

there are so so many mysteries to everything: how could one be bored?

why just now i decided to spend a moment to look at something on the Internet and my quick surfing led me to see a whole INDEX of online games, of online RPGs, no less...over two hundred of them!
some are text.
some are 2D or even the venerable everquest that also is so expensive.
whole worlds of interactivity.

here at "public computer world" these games are really off limits to me.

i found a site that is "java browser only"!
i tired it. yes it works, if i want to i can join up and actually play.

in my five minutes of exploration, the image that sticks to my mind is that Greater Overmap that shows all 500 players, all at once, on the main overmap. 500 Real people, all moving about, like a bit of a bird's eye view of a city street. each with a Mission, lifelike.
MORE stuff to explore!!

wanna try it?
the link is it seems to be free, right now!