Monday, October 29, 2001

Interesting how my dreams seem to work!

there was yet another out-of-body visit to a somewheres. I can not recall where and who. I only remember two things.
---an arabian-type of person who held up in his hands a box of his country's brand of dates and recommended them to me to eat. probably in the same spirit-world that was of the other night.
---Materializing into a point in space, from a realm, into a lower, closer to earth, the spirit world. sounds SO dry and "intellectual' that statement! the reality was far far from being "intellectual! though! seems that i often do what seems common in computer role playing games and in "star trek"
[---beam me up, Scotty!]---the warp from one point of space to another point of space... instantaniously!
here, in this dream, i materialized about 300 feet up from the ground! i could see the buildings and the hills and trees of a city, but i was there in space. then i fell slowly to the ground, like of being in a parachute. strange strange feeling it was to fall slowly...not good if one has a fear of hieghts to have a obe like of that one!!

I never remember most of these obe dreams. only bits a snatches of them. seems that my "higher self"
has a bit of autominous, free, action. I read from spirit guide's articles that much of the time when one goes OBE, one does not do it alone. there is a hidden-from-the-dreamer, guide or Angel, who takes the person along. I occasionally see some of these guides out of the corner of my vision: much of the time they are a bit higher in frequencey vibration than i am, thus they are invisible to me, in my dream state.
"they" also tell me, i read, that if one prays and ASKS in prayer for to be of use, to heal, to be a Helper....then these Guides can come to that person at night and take them on such journeys.

I well can see how the "witch on the broomstick" idea came about, where an older woman would astral OBE but use the image of herself riding the broom that she has near her legs in her house nearly every a kind of "security device" so to not freak out the subcounscious mind, as one is riding a SOMETHING and not just floating in empty space with LOTS of emptyness below them to evoke in their subcounscious-mind the fear of falling, and thus wake up and lose the obe experience.