Wednesday, October 17, 2001

I have learned SO much about life from my heaven visions and from what i have read from Spirit Guides, in other people's writings....that i have a good feel for!

like of this:
where does the inspiration for the "New Religions" come from?



the modern form of Wicca, as i understand it, derives from several English groups of the 1800s or early 1900s: does not have "old roots" to the old Religions at all!
---and THAT has been a thorn in the side of many a Wicca person as there seems to be no connection to the Old Ways of Celtic/druidian Pagan paths, and to similar paths of the same Old Way traditions!
"no connection" infers that:

Silver Ravenwolf wrote, in 1998
"Wicca, as you practice it today,is a new relgion, barely 50 years old."

Charles Leland....
Gerald Gardner....
these, and other people, helped to found the Wicca movement as we know it today.
---and the critics say,"but Wicca is a new religion and is NOT connected to any real pagan tradition, from the real past traditions of pre-christianity"!
Makes some Craft people very uneasy....they feel that they are really not part of the Tradition at all!


from the afterlife and re-incarnational knowledge, i know better.

People have guides and angels. these guides were once living on earth long long ago...thus a modern Wicca person has a DIRECT inspirational link to Traditions from the real past through these spirit helpers and Guides who once lived the Craft, back in Celtic or Nordic/teutonic days! Even the Circles and groups have their teaching overguides. thus as the rituals evolve, in the modern Wicca, the actual rituals grow out of dreams and visions and inspirations, of the practitioners: these Given inspirations come from the guides in heaven who had lived these traditions from when they once lived on earth.
there is more!
these Pagan groups of the celts...druids....whatever; there WAS a counterpart Lodge and circles, in heaven, as the tradition was practiced for hundreds and hundreds of years, in whatever part of the world, you look at. in those hundred-plus years, there was developed a heavenly world where all of the Practitioners would go to after they died, to continue to live in the Wicca-way: and to become helper guides to yet more neophytes upon the earth, in their native land. thus after the earthly tradition died out, as like when christianity overswepted Ireland, beginning with St patrick, the heavenly counterpart, of course, did not die out! it remained. it remains. thus the guides would seek to revive the craft again, back down on earth, and these heavenly pratitioners, in their own spiritual growth-needs, would reincarnate on earth as "you or I", in these modern days, and might feel a feeling for the Craft we left behind, which still exists up there in heaven. Thus we seek and the Lodge in heaven Inspires, and here we are...under the Guise of something new....the old reappears.
there IS connection between the old crafts and the new, via the spirit and the afterlife. the rituals and herbs and the magicks may take new forms but the Inner Meanings are the same as the Inner meanings are all of the Ways of the old path, in heaven and on earth, connected! when Wicca people go home, they go home indeed, after they die!!