Tuesday, October 16, 2001

I am not very good at "politics"! I write very poorly when i write up anything political, i find!

i have deleted over three such political articles that i wrote here...already!

My sun sign is CANCER, with nearly all of my chart in water signs....
so what ever political stuff that i write AS there are no images in political thinkings, why i fixitate upon an image that is very *very* emotionally charged
[read: "whatever is upon someone else's hot button feelings, or else just what is in the air!!"]

thus i tend to pick up from the very atmosphere of people around me and then to fix an image and get very feeling about it and then it colors all of the writing that i do about it!

I know a "terrible secret"!
----that if i were to go to talk to someone and he gets real angry about something, or real depressed about something: he is RIGHT! utterly right, in his feelings and in his views!!
if he were NOT right, then he would not be so emotional about it! i agree with him, as he is right, and i feel his feel and can imagine how right he is------how can i not agree, with the truth?!

that is the problem....
HIS truth!

Take a homeless older "grocerycart" woman. I talk to her, one day, as she and i meet on the street.
she then begins to dump upon me some of her bitches.
----the hotel doorman keeps her from going inside and using the bathroom, on this rainy day!
---someone yelled at her from a passing car....about her need to "go home to husband and cook"!
---taxi splashed water on her from the street puddle, and the driver COULD have avoided it.

on and on for twenty minutes. then she comes to The Great Cartharsis: "aint life A-W-F-U-L-L" she
concludes, in a final burst of emotion.

she is right. every bitch is true. how can i not disagree?
for her, life IS a bitch, no doubt about it!

she is doing Real Magik, in her looping from the envirnment back through her self. somehow, i would imagine, she could change this by altering her own attiudes to life.

but GOLLY!
how can i write any political article when each and every political article is just one person's grasp on that
"elephant that 7 blind men touch and each one of them think that the whole elephant is only what he has been touching"?! all i can do is to agree with someone's window-slit view upon the world.

"ah"...i hear you saying......"what are YOUR own views, Freestone"?!
I might reply....."I just told you them! symbolized by all of my astrological planets in water signs...
a good photo film should only pick up from the envirnment what comes to it through the lens....be not so good if the film chooses to add colors to the photo on its own! thus my political feelings ARE what i pick up"!!
water should compline to the glass that holds it, should become one with the cup---do ya EVER ask the coffee server for coffee and have her pour it onto your table with no cup? Cancer. He CAN have water that stands by itself without that cup: it is called "ICE"! other people's cystalized thoughts----that is why the Cancer native likes the past: other people's thought out thought forms!

thus in a strange way, i am "100% opposite" most of the new age movement of "self actualzation" as I must have been LITMUS PAPER in my past life, agreeing with everyone's feelings that i meet.