Tuesday, October 09, 2001

I am getting all of This Together!!

somehow that letter i wrote to this guy yesterday triggered a sensing of How I Stand, i religion and the trade center!
[see previous post for that letter!]

I am getting a kind of "personal Manifesto" going here......getting time to take a stand on this all, after WTC!

actually it was his reply to me that Set Me Off!
he mailed to me a link, to check out and it was a Consume-ing Christian site of prostilization and all sorts of tie-ins to commercial Xian sites and "will you please link up so that we all can send send send to you stuff daily"!!

puts me in a Place i do not really like!
why yesterday i posted something that i did not like and i deleted it!!

my "manifesto".......

I am not like in MANY camps! i can say that Jesus is real and Christianity is valid: but also that all other paths are too! that deeply offends the Christians though. how can i like, say, WICCA, and still say that Jesus is A messiah?! the christians do not like that: neither would some Wicca people for having me say that Jesus is real!!! thus everyone throws stones at me!

but for me it is simple!
there are [WERE] two heavens. the spirit heaven and the Celestial Spirit heaven.
in that song "THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN"...there are two paths, two stairs, to two heavens and one leads to hell, the spirit heaven and one leads to the christain heaven of Salvation....that is the inference i read from this song.
not my take.
from my visions and dreams, i say and postulate a terrible Heresy to everyone who is dogmatic!
which is....
that these two heavens are the same! now the same starting NOW, whereas they were separate, before now!!

I do not mean that there is one place with two names though! BEFORE now, before the pices age ended, the two fish represent to me that...
think of a parfet pudding, or oil on water in a glass, where there are two levels of liquid that do not mix. the celestial heaven oil is on top of the spirit heaven water. never touch never intermingle. Jesus says for the pices age that a person, if not having that second celestial heaven in their heart while here on earth, cannot go to the second heaven after death and must stay only in that first Spirit heaven...not suviving the "second death"! only those "saved' can go onwards. thus the spirit world would become "hell" for those unable to go onwards.
the age of Aquarious is here. the water is poured from one cup into another and back and forth between them. NOW these two heavens are in the same room, in the same vibration. it is MORE, even, than if the two liquids are homoginized, in that cup so that the two liquids are mixed: it is as if the two liquids are both water-based liquids, so that the mixing is utter and complete!
the celestial is now down to the bottom of the spirit world, in vibrations, and the spirit world goes up to the top....
heaven and hell are now the same place!!
one heaven under all, for all.....for each of us.
and it is up to EACH person to use and to learn from both worlds! the highest high to lowest low are in the same place and it will be up to each one of us, in our afterlife lives, to sythethise.

read: "the internet and the modern world" but 1,000,000 times more richer in possibilities!!

thus, from NOW on, i feel, our "salvation", after we die, will be in our individual hands as anything and everything of choice and possibility will be there for us!
No wonder Ben Laden and his people want to remove this reality from this plane!!
the worst nightmare of a "one way only" religion, is to find that "all ways" are permitted!!
thus i see xian fundamentalists to be of the same cut of cloth as the Muslim franatics!

the utter heresy continues: i feel that the very fabric of the laws of heaven has changed behind all of the
religious scholars backs! 2000 years of heavenlaws are now VOID!
tis Aquarious now, not Pices. heaven and hell are one, the celestial and the spirit heavens are united!
Jesus or Sai baba or Mohammed does not rule there, anymore.
YOU do, I do!
yes Jesus and sai baba and mohammed and Wiccapath ARE: but it is up to the individual soul
to choose, according to one's soul vibrations and free will choices, to choose from what feels best at that point of "time" in the soul intrests and developments of its progressions.
"salvation" will be internal, from within, and not from some "outer teacher"!

THAT is the final judgement. we will each judge ourselves as to what we like and gravitate to that interest location[s], in the heaven worlds, after we die. personal growth will become greatly grreatly accelerated, as much as we each can handle: no dead ends here! no wrong choices either, and we each will see that ANYTHING that we did on earth can be turned to good use in heaven, thus there are no failures or wrong paths/choices, here now on earth, for us!

well enough now, on my "manifesto"! my poor writing does not do it justice, i fear: but it is a start!